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The photo belongs to the newspaper “Столица”.

Photo: Svetlana Alekseeva

Source of publication: http://stolitsa.ee/


Dalia Olga is one of the examples of those people who never give up. Despite the severe degree of vision impairment (one blind eye and the other -22), has learned not only to live with her problem a full life but also to turn her big dreams into reality.

One of her goals was the career of an artist, performing on stage. And it was realized! With her show program, Dalia Olga traveled the countries of the Middle East, working as a solo artist, and with a group of other artists without any health limitations.


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But with this, her life aspirations do not end there! Dalia Olga likes to set new goals for herself. Her new dream is to help people achieve their goals and find their mission.

She really managed to find the lost keys to the door, to the goals set. And now Dalia Olga tells people that it is possible to do it to everyone! After all, the achievements in her life motivate and inspire many people around all over the world.

In her books, seminars, and consultations, she teaches people how to make dreams come true.


Dalia Olga: “DREAM BIG!”



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