achieving goal 3 300x160 - Achieving Goal 3 spread

This part of the session with your subconscious will help to find out what exactly prevents you from achieving what you have planned, what you should do to achieve the goal.

  1. What does this goal really mean for you? How can your goal change your life? How can this goal affect your environment?
  2. What you will get as a result of achieving this goal.
  3. What you need refuse to reach your goal? Or what you need to get rid of in order to achieve this goal. What are the disadvantages of achieving the goal?
  4. What is the probability that you will achieve your goal? Prospects for achieving the intended.
  5. Explicit reasons that interfere with the goal.
  6. Hidden causes that interfere with the goal.
  7. How long do you have to go to the goal?

Price: 500 EUR


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