Horoscope was made on the psychological game of Dalia Olga “FIND YOUR MISSION”.


I created the psychological “FIND YOUR MISSION”, that helps unfold hidden talents and gives guidance towards goals. The game is based on cards. Every card shows my path to my dream career in show business. But it works great for every dream.






For the sign of the zodiac, Aries was taken the card named  “Expert”. This card foreshadows the conquest of new peaks in some things that are interesting to you. This is not the case when you barely drag your legs, humbug, and cursing everything. This Expert is a fan of his business, who is brilliantly versed in his field. The “Expert” card indicates professionalism, mastery, possession of any knowledge and skills. If you do not feel like a professional in your field, then perhaps it’s time to take courses to upgrade your skills. Feel free to use your talents to accomplish the task. The card is also good for people of creative professions. She advises trying to reveal all of your creative potential this year. In business, the “Expert” card calls for active action, for interception of the initiative, for firm advocacy of its positions. The “Expert” card speaks about ideas, undertakings, drawing up plans and projects, recognizing available opportunities (for example, market opportunities), creative activities and projects. “Expert” speaks about the receipt in 2018 of profit thanks to the enterprising and the use of his abilities. Free nothing from the sky will not fall, but knowledge and skills will be appreciated and help to earn. This is a classic indicator of business, entrepreneurial activity. The “Expert” card advises in 2018 to proactively deal with monetary issues, to take finances under control.






The card “Patience” for Taurus is telling that the Taurus expect respectful and friendly relations in the team, but also this card calls for patients with their colleagues at work or business partners. Have patience in your professional work. The fruits of productive work will mature at the right time. This year it will be necessary to make compromises in order to remove the contradictions and resistance of others. Sometimes this card can show merger of organizations into a single new whole is taking place. For the Taurus in 2018, all professions are favorable, which require patience, calmness, self-control, the ability to lead themselves accurately and carefully or very precise coordination in movements. However, it will be necessary to balance work and rest. Unfortunately, the card “Patience” does not promise for Taurus in 2018 more financial wealth than it was before. She hints at a mode of the economy in finance and rarely pleases those who dream of great wealth. But it is understood, felt and appreciated by those who have lost their financial balance, because of their own carelessness and inordinacy. Maintain a balance between earnings and expenses. However, the Patience card can mean for Taurus successful contacts abroad: travel, business relationships or even relocation.






For Gemini, the “Solo” card fell out. This card pretty accurately describes the foundation of its own firm, the beginning, so to speak, of a “solo career” (it happens in the literal sense). Think, maybe in 2018 it’s time to open your company or become a private entrepreneur. Start doing something now. The “Solo” card most often speaks more about private entrepreneurship or freelance. In the working group, Gemini can have a complex relationship in 2018. This card is unfavorable for joint projects and for teamwork. The “Solo” card indicates situations where everyone is for himself. This card is favorable for traders, museum workers, and galleries, financial analysts, all professions that are relevant to banking and security structures. Also, the Solo card does not advise the Gemini in 2018 to cling too tightly to their position, or at least expect that it will guarantee a stable income and well-being in the future. Perhaps, in parallel with the main work, it is necessary to gradually start giving time to one’s own business. On this card is income, but very modest. It can be financial stability by type of small, but regular salary. In the best case, this card indicates a strengthening of positions, gradual accumulation, security of investments. However, it is difficult to feel this very security.




time out


For the People under the sign of the zodiac, Cancer is a card “Time – Out.” It advises you to take a vacation in 2018. Now is not the best time to engage in risky activities that can bring undesirable chaos into your life. This card is a clear indication to freeze plans, to refrain from starting new cases and projects. The high probability of professional burnout at work, so it is very important for some time to take a time-out, rest. With external inaction, the card can indicate a period of intense internal work and careful planning, night vigils, and reflections. In 2018 Cancers will need to carefully think through and plan their future actions in order to succeed in their professional activities. Will need peace and solitude, a temporary refusal to participate in the race. The card patronizes those people under the sign of the zodiac Cancer, who work alone. It symbolizes self-employment, as well as night work (mostly passive, type of duty). The “Time – Out” card is also favorable for accountants. This card says about detachment from problems related to money and property. However, continue to remain vigilant. Cancers may have difficulties with paying out loans, so in 2018 it is better to refrain from loans.




hard work


For Leo, the card “Hard work” fell out. Progress on the face, but there is a still lot of things to do. And a desire to continue doing all this becoming less and less. This is a kind of crossroads and the question “Do I need it?”. This card is for professional growth, hard work, progress, but so far without tangible profits. The card “Hard work” for Leo heralds a gradual career growth through long work. Success, due to the former decent work, but still not the golden mountains. The labor contribution will pay off in the future, even if it now seems that the matter is not worth it. Real results will come only after a while. Here “you go quietly – you will continue”. For those who are focused on rapid take-off and the same profit, this card is not a phantom. The card “Hard work” is usually good if it falls in connection with the situations of some acute trials, potentially painful and difficult negotiations and in general in connection with the work. Do not be afraid, work hard, even if the results do not satisfy you very much and keep calm. Negative expectations can really contribute to failure, although usually everything is not so bad actually. In business in 2018, you should prepare for a long, but promising waiting, until the next phase of development is over. In the financial plan, hard work awaits you. There is a need for reasonable savings this year.






For the sign of the zodiac Virgo, the card “Rehearsal” advises in 2018 to gain additional knowledge and skills, to improve your abilities. Sometimes the “Rehearsal” card hints at a certain lack of professional competence, that you still have to work on quality. This year the start of a new project in the unfamiliar area is also not ruled out. At first, you have to waste your time and energy in order to master new knowledge. This card combines work and development. It is favorable for the formation of the business.The thoughtful beginning of any promising business can bring you success. Real goals, healthy growth, good results. There are a strategy and tactics, foresight and flair. Advantageous orders. Financial profit as a result of talent and diligence. An enterprise may require considerable effort, but it is worth it. In working issues, the Rehearsal card can sometimes indicate the transition to a new job or the execution of a new job that is unusual for you.




5.zezli  186x300 - Business Horoscope for 2018 year


In 2018, Libra dropped the card “Competition”. Competition, competition, and competition once again. Intrigues and conflicts, but not particularly destructive. The atmosphere of mutual disagreement. Disputes over resources, property, copyrights, spheres of activity. A lot of disagreements on all sorts of production issues, which clearly does not improve the working atmosphere. This can be interference of outsiders in the organization, and difficulties with the integration of new employees, and other shocks in the organizational culture. Organizational transformation, well described by the words “the best is the enemy of the good.” Adaptation to existing conditions and their creative transformation. Sometimes – the emergence of a new leader, who will not easily establish contact with subordinates. It’s also a card of training, seminars, coaching. Succes in the study, sport or on the stage. This year, for Libra, you can leave the comfort zone and find yourself in a new field of activity. “Competition” can open new horizons, provide new opportunities in a particular area of activity. Sharp competition in the chosen field of activity, an attempt to conquer new territories. The emergence of new opportunities in your field of activity. The card describes a period when a lot of time and effort is spent on recovering the financial equilibrium that has been undermined by expenditure. You are waiting for competition for financial gain and conquest of new territories.






For Scorpio, the “Castles” card fell out. Beware of being deceived in professional matters. Be vigilant during negotiations and business meetings. It should be feared that the current plans and projects are nothing more than ideas, which, unfortunately, have nothing to do with real life. It is possible that there is no one’s fault in this: the situation is simply “not yet ripe” until the moment when it will be necessary to get down to business. Also, the card “Castles” means thinking and planning. As an indicator of a successful profession for the Scorpio in 2018, this card indicates a creative work or occupation that helps people relax. The card “Castles” bears a warning against excessive imagination in money matters. Fraud, cheating, shadow deals are also managed by this card.






For Sagittarius in 2018, the “Sacrifice” card fell out. This card is about the need to bring some sacrifice for the career or business. The sacrifice can be expressed in refusal from useless waste of time or in the limit of entertainment time for for the moving forward in the career or in a business. For an entrepreneur, the “Sacrifice” card is the most common advice to start mastering new areas of business, to practice new tactics, non-standard solutions. Your business may require additional financial investments at the end of the year, so the card advises being very cautious about spending.






For the sign of the zodiac Capricorn, the card “Shock” fell out. In 2018, Capricorn can expect unexpected changes in professional activity. Perhaps you will want to dramatically change the job or even your profession. The year is favorable for the military and athletes. This card opens up to you a free and wide field of activity. Be open to change! Leave your comfort zone to meet the new horizons. However, in financial matters, one must be cautious. There is a risk of unexpected loss of money or even robbery.






For the sign of the zodiac Aquarius – the card “Healer”. This card patronizes the “helping” professions. Also, the card “Healer” speaks about self-realization in creative professions (music, poetry, writing, theater, cinema, recreation and entertainment industry). This can be work that helps people to find peace and restore physical and mental balance – psychology, social assistance, healing, meditation, SPA, as well as “spa for the soul” – all sorts of creative circles, pursuits of interests, mainly related to creativity or esoterics. Sometimes this literally works with women, in female medical or psychological counseling, in the department of a store selling specifically women’s products, etc. On this card, undoubtedly, it is not easy to “stand by one’s” in defending business interests, but at the same time, it facilitates negotiations, compromises and a peaceful resolution of problems. In a negative aspect, the card “Healer” can mean the formlessness of plans, the uncertainty of practical actions and the inclination to go through the least resistance. Financial success in 2018 awaits Aquarius “helping” and creative professions.






For Pisces card “Temptation”. A professional situation can force people to commit acts, which sooner or later will have to be seriously regretted. The card “Temptation” speaks about the risk of betraying your beliefs, getting into dependence, being compromised, to become subject to deft manipulation. Also, this card warns that in 2018 you can fall into the trap of “workaholism”, from which it will not be so easy to break out. The “Temptation” card may foreshadow an unexpected failure in business because of someone’s machinations or fatal confluence of circumstances. Be careful. Your beliefs and good intentions are seriously tempted. For entrepreneurs, the “Temptation” card gives a warning against dishonest partners or questionable transactions. Beware of financial fraud.









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