Coaching cards of Dalia Olga “Find Your Mission”.

Card of the day (Wednesday, September 19): Rehearsal.


19 of september 300x300 - Card of the day (Wednesday, September 19): Rehearsal.


The card “Rehearsal” means “rehearsing”, “performing” or “doing” the same things several times. Remember the proverb: “Repetition is the mother of the learning”? This card is about this.

The key to success lies in the constant rehearsal of the same things, in constant attempts to improve activities or skills. If you have to make a report or speak at a meeting or at an event, prepare well. Sometimes the card indicates the need for rehearsal in the direct meaning of the word. Rehearse your performance until automatic. This card portends an interesting professional activity, full immersion in your work, diligent fulfillment of your duties. Getting additional knowledge and skills in any area, improving your abilities and skills. The advice of this card – dedicate all your day to work or business. And your work will be rewarded on merit! For business, the card advises you to call or otherwise communicate with your customers, and once again circle the same, and again, until the sales will be done. Persistence and perseverance – this is the main card advice: “Rehearsal.




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