Includes five parts.

career and work 300x160 - Career And Work: SESSION 1


PART 1 – Preparing For A New Job


  1. How will you feel when you will have a new job? Your subconscious opinion.
  2. Do you have enough skills and knowledge for this job now?
  3. The possible behavior of your boss or bosses regarding you on a new job.
  4. How will the colleagues treat you?
  5. Finance. Will you be satisfied with the salary at this job?
  6. Will this new job contribute to the development of your professionalism? Will you be able to learn something new at this job or improve existing professional skills that will be useful to you in the future?
  7. Analysis of the growth outlook for this work.


PART 2 – Prospects For Growth In A Particular Position Of The Job.


  1. Are you satisfied with your work now?
  2. What prospects await you in the near future in this work.
  3. The financial situation within a month on this job.
  4. What do you seek at your job? Your plans and goals.
  5. Hopes and apprehensions related to your work.
  6. With what mood will you continue to work at this job or in this position for a year? Your satisfaction with this work in general,
  7. Work environment during the year.


PART 3 – Chief And Сareer Subordinate


  1. Relations with the executives.
  2. What improves or worsens these relations.
  3. The real relation of the boss to you.
  4. The relation of the executive to the collective in general.
  5. How your boss sees your relation with the collective,
  6. How your boss sees the relation of the collective to you.
  7. Open actions of the executive to the collective in general.
  8. Hidden motives or actions of the executive to the collective.
  9. An advice – how to establish relations with the executive or executives.
  10. The result or outcome, if you will follow the advice you have received.


PART 4 – The Possibility To Get A New Job.


  1. Your professional situation at the moment in general.
  2. Potential possibilities to get a new job.
  3. What is important to do to achieve the goal.
  4. It is necessary to concentrate on this.
  5. This must be avoided.
  6. The best way to act. Next step.
  7. The possible outcome of the situation, if you will listen to advise.
  8. A further future in the professional field.


PART 5 – Finding A New Job

This part of the consultation is applied in those cases when you first going to go to work or you are now in search of work.


  1. The possibilities to find a new job as soon as possible
  2. Your unconscious decision about finding a new job. Are you really ready?
  3. The possible working conditions and salary on a new job in the near future.
  4. Supposed relations in the team or in the collective.
  5. Other possible circumstances on a new job.
  6. Opportunities for promotion or income growth.

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