Includes five parts.

career and work 300x160 - Career And Work: SESSION 2


PART 1 – To Stay or Leave Your Job?


This part of the session shows the pros and cons of the current work, as well as possible problems that may appear on the new one.


  1. Your present professional situation.
  2. This that brings satisfaction to you.
  3. Your desires and wishes.
  4. Advantages of changing your job.
  5. Disadvantages of changing your job.
  6. An advice. What will be better to do now?


PART 2 – Colleagues


  1. Who are you on the team or in the collective?
  2. What is the attitude of the team to you?
  3. Psychological climate in the collective or on the company.
  4. Are there dedicated staff or colleagues to you?
  5. Are there secret enemies?
  6. The forces are in your favor.
  7. What awaits you in this team in the future.


PART 3 – Promotion


  1. The possibility of a promotion at work.
  2. What changes in professional activity will require promotion?
  3. Under what circumstances your promotion at work will happen.
  4. How will this affect your income?
  5. How will it enhance your prestige?


PART 4 – Career


  1. Your present professional situation in general.
  2. Potential career opportunities.
  3. What do you need to do to achieve success?
  4. You will need to concentrate your attention on this.
  5. Your possible future in the professional field.


PART 5 – Perspective And Purpose


This part of the consultation is useful when you want to know about the prospects of your work.


  1. How will the working conditions be changing for you?
  2. How will the salary be changing?
  3. How will the relations be changing in the team?
  4. The promotion at work.

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