Includes five parts.

career and work 300x160 - Career And Work: SESSION 3



PART 1 – Job Interview


  1. Your advantages, about which you should mention when applying for a job.
  2. Your weak points, which may need to be mentioned.
  3. What kind of person is needed for this company?
  4. This what you need to know about this company.
  5. Their first impression of your resume.
  6. How big is the competition for the position in this company?
  7. What is the most important you can do to get this place?


PART 2 –  Your New Job


This part of the session allows you to determine the degree of your willingness to move to a new level of career development, perhaps a new job.


  1. What does your work mean to you now? If you are not working now, then evaluate your professional situation.
  2. Your inner potential. What do you have now?
  3. Your lifestyle at this moment. Change or stability? Is there an objective possibility to change the job?
  4. The internal potential for new work. Perhaps, something you are not having for now yet.
  5. What will your new work mean for you? An advice.


PART 3 – Pitfalls Of Your New Job


This part of the session allows you to identify possible “pitfalls of new work”.


  1. The prospect of this work.
  2. The result of this new job (money, nerves, luck). The benefit for you.
  3. Result, if you refuse this job  (money, nerves, luck). The benefit for you.
  4. An advice. The best option for you.
  5. Characteristics of the employer or customer. What is he? Possible behavior.


PART 4 – Job Seeker


This part of the consultation is used in cases where you doubt whether to accept a job offer.


  1. Will you be satisfied with the salary?
  2. Will there be a trial period? Will you be tested and checked?
  3. Is it possible to have a promotion at this work?
  4. How much will you be satisfied with this work emotionally? Possible professional growth.
  5. An advice. Do you need to agree to this vacancy or to send a resume?


PART 5 – Finding A Decent Job


  1. What do you not like about your work now?
  2. What do you like to do most of all?
  3. What is good in your work now. The advantages of your present work.
  4. What do you need to do in order to get the desired job?
  5. What efforts should be taken to achieve the goal?
  6. What psychological blocks need you to overcome?
  7. The result or effect of your actions.
  8. The key factor. The main factor.


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