Includes five parts.

career and work 300x160 - Career And Work: SESSION 4


PART 1 – Stages Of Career


  1. What place in your life has your career?
  2. The level that you can achieve in your career.
  3. Perspectives for a given period of time.
  4. Circumstances in work or in a career that cannot be canceled.
  5. What are you guided to improve the situation in your career? Unconscious motivation.
  6. An advice. What needs to be done to improve the situation in the career?


PART 2 – Professional Growth


  1. Characteristic of the professional situation at the present moment.
  2. What can you achieve in your career now? Are there opportunities for growth?
  3. What aspects of your professional activity need to be paid close attention.
  4. From what will you need to decline?
  5. Dangers, fairs, obstacles.
  6. An advice or a forecast for the future in the professional sphere.


PART 3 – Analysis Of Professional Activity


  1. The current state of affairs.
  2. How do you imagine the state of affairs at the present moment on a subconscious level?
  3. Your secret fears and motives associated with the profession.
  4. Are there any prospects for growth?
  5. Will your job give to you the satisfaction?
  6. Development of the situation in the future.
  7. An advice.


PART 4 – Problems At Work


This part of the work is applied when you are dissatisfied with the state of affairs at your work and are thinking of finding a new job.


  1. Characteristics of your activities at the moment.
  2. Obstacles that you can face.
  3. Positive aspects of your situation now.
  4. Circumstances conducive to staying in the same workplace.
  5. Circumstances that speak in favor of changing jobs.
  6. What can you expect from your work now?
  7. An advice.


PART 5 – Your Job


  1. Characteristics of what you give to your work. Your investment to your work.
  2. How does it help you in achieving your goals?
  3. What should you be afraid of? What “pitfalls” your work hides.
  4. Why are you subconsciously doing exactly this activity now? What motivates you at work unconsciously?
  5. What does this work give you?
  6. What influence does your colleagues, employees, partners or clients have on your work?

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