Create the program of consultations or sessions by yourself!


You can make a session or a consultation program by your choice.


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Recommendations on the preparation of the session and the program of consultations:


  1. The consultation should consist of 5 parts. Examples can look here.
  2. The number of consultations does not matter. However, a discount of 50% applies only to the amount of three consultations.


An example of one part of the session, that was created by the client:


For The Company


  1. Does this employee like to work for my company?
  2. What is the psychological state of this person?
  3. How long does this person intend to work for my company?
  4. Is there a future for this person related to my firm?
  5. Is it possible to trust this person? Will not he let me down?
  6. Could he do any harm for my company?
  7. Can this person steal from the company intellectual or material property?
  8. An advice. Should I continue to work with him?

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