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The fickleness or lack of dependability of today’s consumers may be partly because they are baffled by the huge choice they have and find it difficult to keep up with the constant flow of new goods and services onto the market. The complexity of 21st – century life makes it difficult, even inappropriate, to be consistent. The way people behave may not even be consistent with the values they espouse. For example, at demonstrations outside Nike Town outlets against the company’s use of underage labor in its outsourced manufacturing plants, some of the protesters sported Nike training shoes.


More choice, more competition, and more power. In the past decade, a post-modern consumer has emerged who is happy to play the game as long as it is on his or her terms. Companies need to recognize this in their marketing operations, which should always remain relevant to the lifestyle of those they are trying to reach – but they must remember that this does not necessarily involve reflecting it.

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