Opening, unfolding, and activation of your  MONEY CHANNEL


  • Diagnostic of the Money Channel.
  • Identify the blocks that impede the financial flow and the achievement of goals in the career and in business.
  • Activation of the money channel due to your internal resources of the subconscious.


money channel 300x171 - Diagnostic of the money channel

Who needs the diagnostic of the money channel?



If despite all the efforts made, working from early morning until late at night, you can not get rich, but even not make money for a comfortable existence. You live from salary to salary or even live in minus on credit cards or in debt. As a rule, it happens because you have blocked a money-making channel. Do not despair – you can open it.


The result of activating the money channel:



  • Opening additional financial channels.
  • Increase in cash receipts by 100%.
  • Release from monetary blocks and restrictions.
  • New ideas for business and earnings.
  • Creation of additional sources of income.
  • Opening the path to self-realization.
  • Cleansing your financial channel from the negative, cleaning chakras, blocks and energy channels.
  • The ability to receive money from all available sources.
  • Strength and ability to improve the quality of life.



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