happyness 300x188 - Exploring the Source of Happiness


You want to be happy. I want to be happy. Every single person on this planet right now, every person who has ever lived or ever will live has the same desire: to be happy. This is one of the most basic concepts of human existence. It’s a solid and unwavering truth. Happiness is the state of being that we know from birth and is the state of being that we would all exist in all the time in a perfect world. The truth is that no one is happy all the time. We live in a world where the reality of life puts barriers in the way of our happiness on a regular basis. This reality of living keeps us from being happy, and as such, keeps us from seeing our true self.


Happiness, while a very basic desire, is not the predominate and driving force of our existence. That force is survival, and oftentimes things that can lead us to happiness are displaced by the need to do things necessary for survival. So why is this basic sense of doing what is needed to survive so important in our lives?

Several reasons:


  • Our family heritage tells us what we should think and feel
  • Our government and agencies of authority tell us what we should think and feel
  • Our society and our popular culture tell us what we should think and feel
  • Our current worldview tells us what we should think and feel


Our worldview is determined by a very old point of view – Newton’s worldview of the universe. This concept sees the entire realm of existence as a giant clock, which is studied, as it has been for centuries, in our schools. This worldview has not changed much since it was first introduced, despite the fact that the world has changed and how we live in it has changed even more.


Newton’s worldview is presented to be that humans are similar to a mechanical clock. This view states that everything in our lives is ruled by cause and effect. It also states that almost everything can be replaced when it is damaged and that the ones who survive the best are the strongest, the fittest, and the most endowed. This idea conditions us to accept that people are like animals and that they operate in a near perfect state of existence. If they do not operate in such a state, then they are automatically replaced by things that do operate in the perfect state.


This mentality has led to our society being ego-driven, self-centered, and environmentally destructive. We have, for the most part, been turned into a cult of happiness seekers who are looking for happiness in the wrong places. We buy more and more useless stuff on a daily basis, have more and more promiscuous sex, engage in more and more lustful activities, and pursue more and more immediate pleasures. All of this is to give us the illusion that we have achieved happiness, but it is not true happiness. This is merely the illusion of perfection.


We have been trained to consume in order to be happy. To work in order to consume, and to exist in order to work. This means that we live our lives merely to live so that we can work at places we don’t like in order to buy stuff we really want or need deep down, all in an attempt to maintain the illusion of happiness so we don’t have to face the truth that we are not happy, truly happy, in our lives.


We have forgotten that the source of happiness lies within the center of our spiritual being, and we have replaced it by seeking it in the material world. We have things backward.




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