Includes five parts

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PART 1 – Business Ability

This part of the work with the subconsciousness is designed to consider the business predisposition of a person, the branches of activity in which he or she can realize himself or herself in the best possible way.

  1. Hidden talents and abilities.
  2. Psychological features.
  3. Where is the success waiting for you? In what field will you be successful?
  4. With what your success will be connected.
  5. What will help you in this?
  6. How much will you be successful and fulfillment in this field?


PART 2 – Professional Purpose

Having a permanent job does not mean that you fulfill your mission and fulfill your calling or life purpose. This part of the consultation will help to see your true purpose and your opportunities to achieve it.

  1. The basis.
  2. The central theme of your life purpose or mission.
  3. On the one hand. One side.
  4. On the other hand. Other side.
  5. Your desires.
  6. Your talents.
  7. Your fears.
  8. Influence of fate.
  9. Advice: What do you have to do? On what you need to concentrate.
  10. What will happen in the future  if you follow your inner desires?
  11. What will your professional future look like?


PART 3 – To Determine The Type Of Activity

  1. Personal business, where you are yourself the organizer.
  2. Production. What we do ourselves: sewing, doing design, baking cakes, making nails, developing websites, etc.
  3. Information activity. Tutors, coaches, translators, guides, journalists …
  4. Dynasty. Clan Professions “My grandfather was a doctor …”.
  5. Show Business. Actors, singers, dancers …
  6. Nursing. Work with children. Employees and office workers. Medical workers. Youth workers.
  7. Work with people. Professionals. Consultants, managers, lawyers, financial clerks …
  8. Advertising. Marketing. Sale. Psychologists. Marketers.
  9. The science. Technologies. Information Technology. Internet and computers. Teachers, IT specialists, scientists, engineers …
  10. Building. Architects, electricians, plumbers …
  11. Management, but not necessarily your own business. Executives, directors …
  12. Police, army, rescue service …
  13. Transport. Airport, taxi. Everything, that is connected with transport, roads, and transportation. Sailors, pilots, drivers, airport employees …


PART 4 – Career-Guidance

This part of the session helps to determine your creativity and find out what kind of business you belong to.

  1. The field of material production. How this sphere affects you?
  2. Your thoughts about this field. Your talents in this field (doing something yourself, and also making things).
  3. Organizational sphere.
  4. Your relation to the organizational sphere.Your talents in this area (management, trade organization, state power and politics).
  5. Sphere “reproduction of man.” How this sphere affects you?
  6. Your relation to this sphere. Your talents in this field (doctor, teacher, educator, psychologist, social and youth worker). Ability to empathize.
  7. Sphere of information. How it affects you?
  8. Your relation to this sphere. Your talents in this field (creative work, writers, journalists, freelancers, independent specialists).
  9. The prospect of growth. The level that you can achieve in a career or professional activity.
  10. Individual entrepreneurship or business.


PART 5 – The Cashflow Quadrant

To determine the sector of the Cash Flow Quadrant by Kiyosaki. In which sector in the way of thinking you are now. Which sector suits you.

  1. Sector E. Employees – from cleaner to supervisor or director.
  2. Sector S. Self-employed, freelancers. Small business.
  3. Sector B. Large business with employees from 500 people.
  4. Sector I. Investors.

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