Includes five parts

find your calling 300x160 - Find Your Calling: SESSION II

PART 1 – Forecast For Your Professional Life

This part of the session with your subconscious mind helps determine if the chosen profession suits you. You will know if this profession will allow you in future realize your full potential.

  1. This profession.
  2. Other possibility.
  3. This, what you think consciously.
  4. How things really are.
  5. This, what you feel subconsciously or unconsciously.
  6. A likely future what awaits you in this profession.
  7. Is it possible for you to get satisfaction in this profession?
  8. Will dreams be realized?


PART 2 – For The Right Choice Of Profession

  1. You are in this profession. How will you feel yourself, your life, your work, if you choose this profession?
  2. Assistance. The advantage that will help you in this profession.
  3. Obstacles. Your personal qualities that you will need to be able to overcome for this profession.
  4. Why did you choose this profession?


PART 3 – Did You Choose The Right Profession?

  1. This, what the chosen profession gives or can give you.
  2. Other possible options where you can realize yourself.
  3. Are your doubts or expectations justified for this profession?
  4. What will bring you this profession in the future?


PART 4 – Talents

  1. What talent you could use to your advantage and for others?
  2. If you will not use your talent, how can it affect your life?
  3. How this talent manifests in your life now?
  4. How can you develop and realize this your talent?
  5. How will the development of this talent help you personally?
  6. How can the development of your talent help other people?
  7. Guidance or direction that needs to be followed to realize your talent.


PART 5 – Analysis Of Professional Activity Or Profession

  1. What influences from the past affect the current professional situation?
  2. What the situation looks like at the moment?
  3. Is there any satisfaction from the chosen activity?
  4. The income and benefits that can be achieved now.
  5. The possible sudden changes in the future. Will they be?
  6. What can they bring to you?
  7. How will these changes affect your financial situation?
  8. How will they affect your life in general?


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