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This part of working with the subconscious with the help of symbols helps to understand what goals are facing you now. Also, this part can give clues of what you will achieve in the future. From this part of the session with the subconscious, you will learn about how your past actions affected who you are now.

  1. Past goals.
  2. The past actions. The actions in the past.
  3. General characteristics of the past.
  4. Goals for now.
  5. Actions now. What are you doing now for your goal?
  6. The present situation. The general state of affairs at the moment.
  7. The influence of the past on your present.
  8. The influence of the present on your future.
  9. Possible goals in the future.
  10. Possible actions in the future.
  11. The general character of the future.

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