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Becoming a millionaire is a process. You may not like every part of the process, but the parts you do love, can’t be beaten. You might enjoy motivating people or seeing yourself do amazing things with abilities you didn’t know you had. If you are young, and in your twenties, don’t be afraid to try all sorts of things. Figure out what you are good at in your thirties and maximize that in your forties.


You can become a millionaire at any age. Regardless of where you are in life, always over deliver in whatever you do. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Work smart and realize that success in a small task can lead to success in much bigger areas of your life. Your efforts will lead to recognition and a huge payoff in the long run.


Get in the habit of asking yourself if what you are about to do will advance your cause in becoming a millionaire? If it won’t, then learn to say, ”No.” Spend time with quality people and do not tolerate mediocrity. Take charge of your time and effort. The secret to enduring success is winning over time.


Learn how to spot opportunities in your everyday life. When the world seems to be in crisis mode, businesses, as well as people, are in turmoil, and it is only human to want someone or something to make things right.


Two brothers, Darrin King and Jeff King, were determined to open a high-end online furniture business in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, furniture capital of the world. After working at other manufacturing companies, they noticed several inefficiencies in the chains of supply and figured out a way to bring costs down and streamline their operations. was born offering a full line of leather and fabric furniture handcrafted by over one hundred artisans from North Carolina. They gained their customers trust by producing a high-quality catalog, sending them samples and swatches of materials and showed them how they could save them money. Growth was slow and steady but they were able to compete with mass-produced overseas imports by allowing the customer to customize their furniture choices. They may have worn a lot of hats in the beginning but now have eight employees and plan to create a new furniture line geared towards teens and kids.


Darrin and Jeff aimed to solve a problem for their customers. They took advantage of all the computer technology that is available today and made an immediate impact by solving problems in many aspects of the furniture business.


If you solve other people’s problems, the money will come. Be persistent.


Persistence makes you appreciate what you have worked for and you are in control of your situation. You have to find your own way of doing things and engage in critical thinking – you can be the master of your own game.


If you want to start a business on your own, the high-revenue per employee type of business is exactly the type you can learn a lot from. They tend to have high net income and cash flow. Good examples are companies like Apple and Exxon Mobile.


Taking a leap of faith to start your own business takes courage and belief in yourself. You have to choose yourself, your dreams and your own aspirations.


Shift your mindset. Start thinking like a millionaire entrepreneur. Quit blaming your situation, friends, parents, job, or lack of knowledge. Take responsibility because the power is in your hands to become a millionaire. You must understand that you are not entitled to anything in this world until you create ‘value’ for another human being. It is up to you to produce results – you – and no one else. If you adopt this mindset, you will go very far.


Right now, you might be thinking that you have no idea where to start. However, use this guide and apply all the rules to your life and thought process. Educate yourself and apply what you learn every single day. What separates millionaires from normal people are not luck or even talent, but the way they think. What limits one person from a middle-class lifestyle and enables another to build wealth boils down to perception, worldview, and the way one orders things in his or her mind.


Budget your money. Millionaires are far more likely to stay within their budget and will track their money down to the last penny for every transaction. They see and think about the world differently than most people. In other words, we are what we think. Millionaires realize, early on, that the best way to make money is to build assets. Typically, millionaires own more than one business and for them, it is a hobby.

Millionaires see opportunity everywhere they go. Every problem is an opportunity to build a product or service to solve that problem. When someone complains about something, it really is a potential moneymaker. Read this guide several times and really absorb the information so you can take action. You will learn quite a bit from experience.


Millionaires find that they learn so much from mentors and other’s experience that is much more personal and tailored specifically to them. Millionaires care much more about profit and less about revenue. Revenue does matter but a business with a 50% profit margin on $20,000 is $10,000 whereas 10% profit on $100,000 is also $10,000. Which business would want to own?


Millionaires look at money as a tool, not necessarily a goal. They look at money as a way to repair things, build things and get things done for the better. You need to work on your goal until it is finished. Read and use this guide to get the millionaire mindset. There are no guarantees but you can stack the cards in your favor and get to the next income bracket. Your new millionaire mindset begins with a thought, a belief and something that needs constant attention by you. You must take care of your mindset and cultivate it as you move forward towards your goals.


Take Vinay Bhagat and David Crooke for instance. They formed a company in Austin, Texas that provides management software and services for non-profit organizations. Even though they met in England at the University of Cambridge, they realized they could build a business more economically in Austin, Texas as opposed to Silicon Valley, California. Convio’s business uses the Internet to improve the way non- profits communicate and work with their clients.


Their idea was born when Bhagat volunteered for a public television pledge drive and was amazed at how antiquated their fundraising system was and realized a better system could be built using the Internet. Venture capital of $4.6 million from Austin Ventures allowed Vinay and David to build the business. It was drive and passion that launched Convio to help non-profit organizations raise over $175 million and put e- philanthropy on the map as a leader in the industry.


You can do the same by enforcing your goals and aspirations to be a millionaire by using affirmations every day. Write and print them out and post them in a place where you can easily see them, perhaps on your computer, at your desk, on the refrigerator or wherever seems appropriate. Think of exactly what you want and create an affirmation that mirrors those thoughts. Repeat them to yourself every day. For example, “I am successful at                .” Your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what is real and fake – repeating affirmations will help your mind think, behave and act a lot differently.


You can also use visualization boards that depict what you are after and want to draw into your millionaire life and mind. It helps you stay focused. Be specific as you can because the more detailed your vision is, the more power it has to change your subconscious mind and believe it is real. Whether you use affirmations, visualizations or guided meditation, a daily practice is a must. Everyone has different values and the millionaire mindset is something you develop that will work for you. You will become more certain about things by having more information as you learn and grow in the millionaire mindset.


Quick TIP: Shift your mindset and start thinking like a millionaire. Do you see a problem you would like to solve? Every problem is an opportunity to build a product or service to solve that problem. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.





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