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One of the things that millionaires do on a regular basis is read. They love to learn because they are interested in expanding their skills and getting ahead in their field of interest. Millionaires know that knowledge is power and will stop at nothing to get more information, educational materials and talk to others, and that includes reading books.


When Steve Siebold was a college student, he was broke, but his quest to become a millionaire began with one interview with a millionaire. He has since interviewed over 1,500 millionaires now but during the course of his research, he noticed one pastime that the wealthy have in common – they love to read. Walk into any millionaire’s home and you will find a huge selection of books that typically focus on how to become more successful. Wealthy people would rather be educated than be entertained.


There is no better way to improve your mind than through reading. Taking the time to read is an investment in you and your mind. Take Warren Buffet, for an example who spends most of his working day reading. According to Thomas Corley, author of the book, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Of Wealthy Individuals,” 67% of wealthy people watch television for one hour or less per day, spending much of their time reading. He also found that very few wealthy people watch reality television shows while 78% of the poor to make this a regular habit.


Interestingly enough, many wealthy people have very little formal education but appreciate the power of reading and learning long after school is out. You might still that the only way to wealth is through getting your Masters degree or doctorate, however, the wealthy are not interested in the means, only the end result.


If you are not a fan of reading or have trouble reading a book, consider the audiobooks that are available online and in stores. You can even change the reading speed to “two times” and digest an average book in a few hours. Read books about excellence, management, and business topics, not the latest fad in the world today. It might be popular today but worthless to you tomorrow.


Look for books that can help you improve yourself, communication skills or that helps you understand accounting, finance, and technology. You can learn from all sorts of different disciplines that will allow you to assimilate all of these genres. For example, Ashley Qualls, the founder of, got her clever idea at the young age of

  1. The website was originally designed to showcase her design skills, however, the website really took when she offered free “MySpace” layouts. An anonymous buyer offered her $1.5 million and a car of her choice, however, she turned the offer down.

You will find that you can learn from history, previous successes of others and their failures. You can learn a great deal from reading biographies that are usually quite fascinating and are about some of the most amazing characters in the world. You will find that they had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity and hardships on their road to success. Most successful entrepreneurs credit a mentor or several mentors. No one learns in a vacuum. It is the men and women who are taking the wisdom from others, and when the time is right, pay it forward to others, becoming mentors themselves.


Michael Dunlop dropped out of high school after teachers told him, that he was dyslexic and would never amount to anything. That didn’t stop him. He founded that earns him a six-figure income and gives smart business advice in grammar-correct sentences with flawless spelling. It is always interesting to see how successful people got started and overcame great odds. Reading about them is invaluable, can be inspirational, and serve as a guide for your future.


Reading helps you ask those questions and dig out the truth in any matter or situation. Exploring the deeper meanings and getting answers, without assuming anything, is always challenging. Do you lack curiosity? Reading will help you become intellectually curious about a variety of topics. However, be wary about the fraudulent marketing of higher education. Advertising will have you believe that if you pay for this fancy education, you will be able to live the dream. Hogwash. There is no correlation between getting a pedigreed school degree versus success in job performance. You can learn all the time through reading. The Internet offers an abundance of available information on any topic.


It doesn’t matter what your net worth is at the moment, you can read SEC statements, watch videos, learn about trading penny stocks or study stock charts, and learn from others in chat rooms that address the industry you are interested in.



Quick TIP: Commit today to making at least one change that puts you on the path to becoming a millionaire. Read.




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