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We all know that exercise, of any kind, is one of the best ways to de-stress the body. Well, you need a way to get to the gym, park or wherever you can exercise. At the age of 13, Dominic McVey started importing scooters from the U.S. to the UK since they were less expensive than what was available where he lived in London (given the dollar to pound ratio). He started selling them locally and was a millionaire by the time he was fifteen. One day, Dominic was googling “Visa” and ended up in a partnership with Visa and is now worth over $10 million.


Life and work can be stressful and it is important to find an outlet to de-stress. Yoga and guided meditations are an excellent way to let go of the day and become a human being – instead of a human doing. Between kids, work, spouses, finances, schedules, our own health and life in a modern world are all sources of stress.


To help people conquer or deal with stress, Brandi Veil has used various techniques of yoga as a wellness practitioner, career coach, and public speaker, and is focused on helping people connect more deeply in their practice through communications and edutainment. Her work is based on Reiki, Human Energy Output (HEO), Matric Energetics Fundamentals, Integrative NLP and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy.


Years before, Brandi was a CEO and founder of an event marketing agency responsible for Hollywood Red Carpet events, filming and corporate events. After a severe car accident, economic downfalls, she was able to transform her life through divine guidance. An intuitive consultant, published writer with over 10 years of private practice, Brandi is recognized by the United Nations as a leader in sustainable planning for health and the environment.


Brandi knows that stress literally changes the chemistry in your blood causing damage to tissues in the body that can lead to a weakened immune system and increased abdominal fat that can lead to stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. She used healing techniques to make a difference in the world to help people manage stress that has a profound, long-lasting effect on people’s health.


Enlightened Master, Dr. Pillai brings “Millionaire Yoga” to the table and is based on secretly guarded esoteric techniques, historically coveted by yogis and Siddha Masters, designed to retrain your brain and change your money karma. The program is all about empowering the brain through sound frequencies, mantras, and helps identify the parts of the brain that are responsible for creating the wisdom and passion to be affluent.


An academic scholar, spiritual scientist, philanthropist, speaker, and world thought leader, Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to Dr. Pillai as “one of the most enlightened beings on the planet.”

On your journey to becoming a millionaire, here are 5 tips and suggestions for getting a handle on your stress levels:



  1. Carve out time for YOU each day to relax – Yoga and meditation can help your mind and body slow down giving empty attention to the body as well as the
  2. Break down big problems into smaller ones – instead of trying to solve everything at once, do what you can each day to resolve it so you will not feel so overwhelmed.


  1. You can manage your life more efficiently by scaling back a bit if you have too many responsibilities.
  2. Keep a collection of stress-stoppers handy in case of emergency. It might be taking 5 deep breaths, going for a walk or spend time in nature or with your pet.
  3. Learn to meditate – taking the time each day even if it is only for a few minutes will have long-lasting, positive effects on your state of mind and stress levels.



In this guide, you will learn that affirmations and visualization techniques will help you achieve the millionaire mindset. Meditation is one of the best tools you can use to also counteract stress. Your body actually releases stress when you meditate and reverses the effects of stress including the flight-or-fight response that was intended to be a short-term mechanism to protect you from perceived danger.


Chronic stress, on the other hand, is more constant and needs to be addressed otherwise it can be harmful to your health. You can manage your stress levels with a regular meditation practice and nourish your body with healthy, whole foods that will de-stress the body from the inside out.


Developing an attitude of gratitude is an excellent way to improve your health and happiness while coping with stress. When you consciously focus on gratitude, you can experience greater physical health and emotional wellbeing. The healing power of gratitude is a powerful force you can use to expand your thoughts on becoming a millionaire.


Create some cushions in your schedule to make it easier to reduce your stress levels. For example, give yourself plenty of time between meetings or getting home from work to help diffuse potential stressors that can come your way. For example, if your meeting starts at 8:30 am in the morning, give yourself enough time to get to your meeting and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee as you read through the agenda when you arrive. You never know how the traffic situation will be.


And on a more spiritual note, do you find yourself doing things because you should? Do you pay attention to the signs that the universe is sending you for guidance that you might feel deep inside? No doubt, you are full of all sorts of ideas and you are constantly judging what you should and shouldn’t do. We mustn’t ignore the best advice we can get and that is the guidance from your soul.



Quick TIP: You can reprogram your brain by diffusing any negative attitudes toward money and create positive money karma.



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