Includes five parts.


money in your life 300x160 - Money In Your Life: SESSION 1



PART 1 – Money


This part of the questions to the subconscious mind helps to begin better understand your financial state. Also, this part of the session will help you analyze the influence of the past on your financial situation, thereby helping to see what is now affecting the material situation.


  1. What from the past affects the situation.
  2. This what comes to an end.
  3. The present financial situation.
  4. That what is just beginning.
  5. An advice. What to do.
  6. Positive or negative external influences.
  7. Possible losses or profits.
  8. The future.


PART 2 – Monetary Annual Forecast


  1. Last year’s debts or losses, lack of finance.
  2. Your relations with money.
  3. Your financial situation at the moment.
  4. Your potential in the financial sphere.
  5. The changes in finance that this year will bring.
  6. Positive or negative external influences.
  7. The main source of income this year.
  8. An additional source of income this year.
  9. Wastes and losses this year.
  10. A possible source of financial profits this year.
  11. Expenses that can be reduced this year.


PART 3 – Advice From The Subconscious


  1. What you need to know about your money.
  2. What helps you “CREATE” more money. What helps you make money.
  3. Your subconscious attitude to financial well-being.
  4. Obstacles to your financial well-being.
  5. How to overcome obstacles in financial issues.
  6. What needs to be done first. What steps should be taken as soon as possible?


PART 4 – Money Channel


  1. What is the status of your money channel at the moment? Shows the degree of its closeness or openness.
  2. What blocks your money channel? What prevents free access to money in your life?
  3. Is there any problem with karmic money?
  4. Does the problem with money affect your psychological state? Blocks that create problems with money.
  5. Were there any problems with money in your family? Negative attitudes in the family on the money.
  6. Is it possible to open access to a money channel and a stream of abundance and prosperity?


PART 5 – Nine Of Pentacles


  1. Your financial situation now.
  2. What sources of finance are now open, available and, perhaps, already used by you.
  3. Which sources of money are already closed or do not work for you. Why these sources cannot be used by you. Is there an opportunity to change this or should you look for something else?
  4. Your main goal in the work or in obtaining money, which you realize on a conscious level. What are you striving for in the course of your actions?
  5. Your subconscious purpose in work or in obtaining money that you do not realize. What are you unconsciously striving for in the course of your actions?
    How can you improve your financial situation and open new sources of income or activate the already available source?

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