Includes five parts.


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PART 1 – Financial Problems And Ways To Overcome Them


  1. Problems, that caused financial difficulties.
  2. Where does the huge sum of money go?
  3. Planned expenditure.
  4. Unplanned expenses.
  5. Help from the outside. Is it worth it to rely on it?
  6. The help from relatives.
  7. Help from friends, colleagues, acquaintances or even investors.
  8. Your opportunities to earn.
  9. Earnings on the main job.
  10. Additional or extra income.
  11. An estimated financial condition in the near future. Will there be changes?


PART 2 –  Money In Your Life


  1. The financial situation in the past or what kind of money you have from the past and how it affects the state of affairs in the present.
  2. The current financial situation.
  3. What worries do you have now? How do you see your business and finances now?
  4. Possible future influence, based on the current situation.
  5. An advice. What do you need to do in order to change your financial situation? What should be avoided? It also shows your subconscious attitude to finance, which has a huge impact on the situation.
  6. An advice. What is best to do? External changes. Possible useful actions aimed at cooperation with other people for your material well-being.


PART 3 – Work and Finance


  1. What affects the situation from the past.
  2. This is how the situation looks at the moment.
  3. The present satisfaction of the work. Do your work satisfy you now?
  4. Revenues and benefits that can be achieved.
  5. Will be changing possible in near future?
  6. What will bring change?
  7. How will this affect the income?
  8. How will these changes affect your life in general?


PART 4 – Prosperity


This part of the session will help answer the question: “How can I improve my financial situation?”


  1. What do you want and what are you striving for?
  2. What do you need or what you lack?
  3. What you have and what you have already achieved.
  4. What you need to avoid. What is best left or what not to undertake. How not to behave.
  5. What step should be taken?
  6. The resources that you have at this stage and can be used to your advantage.
  7. Who can help or the prospect of finding a business partner?
  8. Possible sum or gift.


PART 5 – Money Pouch


  1. How do you assess your financial situation?
  2. Your real financial situation.
  3. Why are you not quite satisfied with your financial situation at the moment?
  4. Do you the kind of person who is able to improve your financial situation on your own or do you prefer to wait?
  5. Is a salary increase expected at the main job in the near future?
  6. Is it possible to earn extra money?
  7. Is it needed borrow money now?
  8. Maybe you need to learn how to save money. How can you save?
  9. Can you wait for unexpected money?
  10. Is it needed now to go for meditative therapy to get rid of the blocks and fears that prevent you from earning money?
  11. The result. Possible changes in your financial situation in the near future. Will there be improvements?

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