Includes five parts.


money in your life 300x160 - Money In Your Life: SESSION 3



PART 1  – The Mystery Of The Priestess


  1. Do you control a situation in your business?
  2. Do you have reliable assistants?
  3. What about the financial situation in the company?
  4. How effective is your advertising, communications, and all that? This what makes you famous.
  5. What should you avoid or hope for?
  6. Do you like the business that you are engaged in? Your predisposition to it.
  7. Did you choose the correct direction and right priorities for investing money?
  8. Will there be any profit in the near future?
  9. Your luck in this business. The possible profit in the future.


PART 2 – The Sun


  1. Can you expect an unexpected money?
  2. Can you expect a reward, a bonus or impressive dividends?
  3. Will there be profit in the business in the near future?
  4. Are possible now the large losses of money?
  5. Can you wait for financial assistance from the surrounding people?
  6. Will there be anything unexpected? What a possible unexpected event can happen.
  7. Will it return that was lost? Or will you pay back the damages?
  8. Possible profit growth.
  9. The possible acquisition of real estate.
  10. How information about you from outside can affect your financial income.
  11. What needs to be done to avoid financial stagnation.


PART 3 – Investments


In this part of the session, you will learn about your financial situation at the moment and about the immediate prospects of development. Also, you will get information about the return on investment. Possible profits and losses that can bring investment.


  1. The general financial situation in the present.
  2. Nearest development prospects.
  3. The type of investment that you can make.
  4. The profitability of this investment.
  5. The possible development of the situation.
  6. Profits and losses, that investment will bring.
  7. The general financial situation after the investment.
  8. The proposed period for receiving income, i.е. how quickly income will be received.
  9. What you need to pay special attention to.
  10. Possible problems.
  11. The final development of the situation.


PART 4 – Passive Income


  1. Stability of your income.
  2. Your goals and aspirations.
  3. Your subconscious attitude to money.
  4. Your financial past.
  5. Your ability to make money.
  6. Is the situation now favorable to passive income?
  7. Will you have in the near future passive income or income other than your main business?
  8. Your ability to make money in general.
  9. An advice. What behavior should be chosen in order to increase your income?


PART 5 – The Way Out Of The Financial Crisis


  1. What ended was gone and collapsed. The primary cause of the financial crisis.
  2. What can still be saved? It gives way to the future.
  3. The way out of the crisis. The next steps that need to be taken.
  4. Goals. Next steps. Necessary actions in the future.

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