money pouch 300x160 - Money Pouch coaching cards spread

  1. How do you assess your financial situation?
  2. Your real financial situation.
  3. Why are you not quite satisfied with your financial situation at the moment?
  4. Do you the kind of person who is able to improve your financial situation on your own or do you prefer to wait?
  5. Is a salary increase expected for the main job in the near future?
  6. Is it possible to earn extra money?
  7. Is it needed to borrow money now?
  8. Maybe you need to learn how to save money. How can you save?
  9. Can you wait for unexpected money?
  10. Is it needed now to go for meditative therapy to get rid of the blocks and fears that prevent you from earning money?
  11. The result. Possible changes in your financial situation in the near future. Will there be improvements?

Price: 500 EUR


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