Includes five parts

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 1



PART 1 – New Business


  1. Potential possibility of the idea. It having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
  2. Obstacles.
  3. Characteristics of the initial stage.
  4. The perspective of development.
  5. Profit from the business.
  6. Likely or possible losses.

PART 2 –  Sowing


To analyze a new project or business. How viable is the new project? Does it have prospects for growth and development?


  1. Seed. The main idea of a new project or business. How much this seed is viable.
  2. The soil. Is there a basis and conditions, i.e. The soil on which this idea can give rise to.
  3. The groundwater. What happens inside the project. Internal currents, capable of both feeding the idea and erode the ground under it.
  4. The root of the matter or project. What is able to regulate these internal currents, to absorb and use creativity and strengthen the “soil”, to prevent “blurring” (any internal conflicts, possible claims of participants).
  5. Wind. External influences. Both useful information from outside, and contributing to the implementation and growth of the project, and external forces that can break the project.
  6. The Sprout. Is there a growth potential? Are you able to bear the onslaught of the wind?
  7. Browse. First results.
  8. Different directions in the project.
  9. Sky. How high can the sprout rise? The result.
  10. The sun. This what gives strength and energy that promotes growth.


PART 3 – Glass Of Wine


These questions to the subconscious are used in situations related to the start of a new business when it is necessary to learn about the prospects. What can you bring into a new business?


  1. Starting point. Hopes and dreams that you associate with the business.
  2. Conditions that do not depend on you. Situations that will evolve around this business.
  3. Efforts that you will need invest in this business.
  4. The beginning of the business.
  5. The basis of your business.
  6. What your relatives and friends think or will think about your business.
  7. In what your business needs. What you need to provide it, what to invest in the business.
  8. The result. Then the matter will end. Resumes.


PART 4 – Victory


Action plan and development prospects.


  1. Driving forces of the process.
  2. Dark force. Hidden and unknown, but so far affecting your project or business.
  3. Bright side. Actively and openly acting force.
  4. What can bring to you the victory?
  5. How is necessary to be, what features of character you need to possess in order to succeed in the chosen business and become a winner.
  6. What result can be expected?


PART 5 – Good luck In a New Business


  1. Your predisposition to this business.
  2. What should you do to start?
  3. What now is not the time.
  4. Perspectives of beginnings.
  5. Possible problems.
  6. The need for additional investment in a new business.
  7. Is it possible to get help from other people?
  8. The possible outcome of a new business.

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