Includes five parts.

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 2




PART 1 – Perspectives Of The Company


  1. The root of the problem. The general condition of the company. Whether the company is growing or is fading.
  2. Seeds. What activities were taken to develop the company?
  3. Earth. How the company will develop. Will there be new orders/clients or an increase in profit?
  4. Wilting leaves. Something that will not grow with the company. Negative aspects.
  5. Fresh leaves. Positive aspects of the company’s development.
  6. Fruit. The general atmosphere of the company. How the development of the company will affect the growth of revenues, the increase in the number of customers and orders.
  7. Further growth. Your potential.
  8. Mother Nature. Environment: colleagues, partners, clients, working conditions, workplace …
  9. How promising is your company? How long will it exist?
  10. Water is a life-giving force. Long-term perspective and viability of the company.


PART 2 – New Business


  1. General characteristics of the future business.
  2. Is this type of activity suitable for you, this business?
  3. What will help you with the work?
  4. Strong sides of your business.
  5. Incomes and profits.
  6. Difficulties and problems that may arise.
  7. What will interfere with the work?
  8. Thin places of your business, where you can not risk.
  9. Possible losses.


PART 3- Starting A Business


  1. Are you ready for a possible risk?
  2. How much you are open to solving problems.
  3. Are your assistants or partners reliable?
  4. Will there be demand for your products or services?
  5. Will there be additional costs or investments?
  6. Are expectations of profit justified? The result.


PART 4 – Business


  1. Real opportunities for realizing the idea.
  2. Difficulties that can be encountered.
  3. Your predisposition to this business or such activities.
  4. How to behave, starting this activity.
  5. Development opportunities in the future.
  6. Financial situation. Profits and losses. Necessary investments.
  7. Employees and workers.
  8. The future.


PART 5 – Diary Of A Businessman


This work with the subconscious mind is for a person who wants to do business or is already engaged in business. These questions to an intuitive business consultant will show whether a conceived project, a profitable deal or a large scale will be obtained. You will also learn what needs to be done to successfully complete the tasks. From this part of the consultation, you will also know if you have the talent for the chosen activity.


  1. The owner.
  2. The manager.
  3. Worker(s).
  4. Your potential.
  5. The degree of risk.
  6. Possible winnings.
  7. When to start.
  8. When to finish.
  9. An advice.

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