Includes five parts.

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 3


PART 1 – Concept Of Activity


  1. Who are you in business?
  2. The type of your activity.
  3. Ways to implement your activities.
  4. The people you serve, or whom you are targeting. Who specifically focuses on your products or activities. Identify your niche.
  5. The advantage that your clients or customers get.


PART 2 – Financial Integrity Of the Company


  1. Your market niche (brand).
  2. Using the effect of the lever. What needs to be done to achieve success and increase profits.
  3. Analysis of the firm’s ability to expand operations. How to go beyond what is possible? The advice can be obtained.
  4. Predictability of profit. The possibility of continuous income.


PART 3 – Prospects Of The Site


This part of the dialogue with the subconscious and intuition will give a general description of your site, will show the possible perspectivity of the site and the opportunity to make the profit using your website. You will learn the positive and negative aspects of your site. Also, you will receive advice on the development of the site.


  1. General characteristics of the site.
  2. The past of the site.
  3. Perspectives of the site.
  4. Negative aspects of the site that repel the visitor.
  5. Positive aspects of the site that attract visitors.
  6. An advice for the development of the site.
  7. Probable return or profit from the site. The benefit.


PART 4 – Should You fight for business?


  1. Can you start your own business?
  2. Will you have partners?
  3. Will your products or services be in demand or in the public interest (if the product is not material)?
  4. Will the work (implementation of the project) be difficult?
  5. Do you need to change something now?
  6. Is there still an important detail that you missed?
  7. Will you be lucky?
  8. Will this business bring you money?
  9. What kind of advertising should you use?
  10. How will it end? The result. Possible outcome.


PART 5 – The Birth Of A New Star


  1. The project itself. Perspective.
  2. The beginning of the project.
  3. The maturity of the project.
  4. Completion of the project.
  5. The main problem, the cornerstone.
  6. What kind of people will be with you, if they will be?
  7. How will the environment or close people relate to your business?
  8. You as a creator, your role in the project.

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