company 300x160 - Perspectives Of The Company spread

  1. The root of the problem. The general condition of the company. Whether the company is growing or is fading.
  2. Seeds. What activities were taken to develop the company?
  3. Earth. How the company will develop. Will there be new orders/clients or an increase in profit?
  4. Wilting leaves. Something that will not grow with the company. Negative aspects.
  5. Fresh leaves. Positive aspects of the company’s development.
  6. Fruit. The general atmosphere of the company. How the development of the company will affect the growth of revenues, the increase in the number of customers and orders.
  7. Further growth. Your potential.
  8. Mother Nature. Environment: colleagues, partners, clients, working conditions, workplace …
  9. How promising is your company? How long will it exist?
  10. Water is a life-giving force. Long-term perspective and viability of the company.

Price: 500 EUR


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