Includes five parts.


plan of action 300x160 - Plan Of Action For Achieving Goals: SESSION 1



PART 1 – Inspiration And Purpose


This part of the consultation is for choosing the right direction for your actions.


  1. Current situation.
  2. Talents and skill.
  3. Traps.
  4. Support.
  5. What do you have to do?
  6. Internal strength. The strength inside you.
  7. The help.
  8. The power that will be with you.
  9. Result. Outcome.


PART 2 – Intention


This part of working with the subconscious is used when you feel that you have to take some action, start doing something new. You feel the flow of energy, but do not know where to send it or how to use it. This part of the consultation session will help clarify in which direction to move and where to direct your strength and energy. Also suitable for analysis of problems and doubts associated with the action.


  1. Do you need to take any new action now?
  2. Should your actions be concentrated in the physical sphere?
  3. Should your actions be related to the intellectual sphere?
  4. Should you do something by yourself?
  5. Do you need to look for partners or employees for this case?
  6. Will your actions bring a quick result?
  7. What kind of physical activity is best for you.
  8. What kind of creative or intellectual activity is best for you.
  9. Will your actions bring you material benefit?
  10. Will your actions bring you recognition and fame?
  11. Will your actions bring you satisfaction?
  12. How close people will react to your actions.
  13. What will your actions bring to you in the future?


PART 3 – The Way


This part of the consultation shows the opportunities that you have now to achieve your goal. How can you evaluate your actions so far? Advice – how you should act to achieve the goal.


  1. The key to the matter. What you can achieve.
  2. A conscious motive, rational behavior. This is how you imagine your business, what you think about it.
  3. Unconscious motive, emotional behavior. Desires, intentions, hopes, and fears. Your feelings. And how all these factors affect the situation.
  4. What impression do your actions have on others? How the environment (customers, partners, colleagues or relatives) perceive your actions.
  5. What impression do you need to make on others? What should you show to them for the achieving a goal or result?
  6. Unconscious motive.
  7. A conscious motive. What should be guided to achieve the goal?


PART 4 – The Plan


This part of the intuitive consultation allows you to understand how feasible your plan is. The consultation answers the question: “What is the best way to act to achieve the goal?”


  1. Your plan in general. Important details.
  2. The unconscious motive guiding you.
  3. Interference or assistance from outside.
  4. Caution – so you will not succeed.
  5. Advice – and so you will achieve success.


PART 5 – The Next Step

In this case, If you want to determine the path to your goal gradually, and also if you need advice, what next step should be done to achieve the goal. This part of the consultation will answer such questions: “Which next step is best done? How to bypass the traps and obstacles on the way to the goal? ”


  1. The starting point. The situation in which you are now.
  2. What is not important to you, at least for now. You are not afraid of this or are unconvinced by it.
  3. But this is just now very important.
  4. Where will the next step lead you?
  5. Advice. What to do?



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