Includes five parts.

plan of action 300x160 - Plan Of Action For Achieving Goals: SESSION 2



PART 1 – Creative Search


This part of the consultation for those cases where you feel a huge potential. When you want self-fulfilling, but do not know how to do it.


  1. Do you really need to try something change right now in your life?
  2. How will your actions be reflected in real life?
  3. Will you be satisfied with the result of your actions?
  4. What will happen if you act independently (if you will do everything by yourself)?
  5. What will happen if you seek helpers or partners?
  6. Will your actions bring a quick result?
  7. Will your actions bring you recognition and fame?
  8. The result or outcome of your actions.


PART 2 – The Hidden Message From The Subconscious Mind


  1. A general characteristic of what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.
  2. More detailed message from your inner “I”. Which events of your life will you need to pay attention?
  3. How can you apply this information in your daily life?


PART 3 – The Cross


In what place are you now on the path to achieving your cherished dream or goal? How should you proceed in order to achieve the best result?


  1. Starting point.
  2. You should not do this.
  3. You should do this.
  4. To what result will it lead to or what can be useful in the future.


PART 4 – Development or Stagnation


  1. Characteristics of your achievements at the moment.
  2. What you have succeeded in.
  3. This what helps you move forward.
  4. In which area do you need to start increasing your achievements. Where to move next?
  5. Result. What will give you this path what you have chosen for yourself?


PART 5 – Your Path


This part of the consultation with the subconscious answers the question: “What is the next step to be taken towards the dream?”


  1. Your goals. What do you strive to achieve?
  2. Obstacles and problems.
  3. What helps you to follow your dream and go ahead on the way to the goal. What should be paid the most attention?
  4. What pulls you down. What should be abandoned?
  5. What you need to develop in yourself or what is important to learn in order to achieve the goal and succeed.






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