success 1 300x160 - Success & Goal Achievement Program SESSION II

PART 1 – Dragon


This session with your subconscious mind serves to analyze various issues what you are interested in. It can be getting fame, recognition, growing prestige. In a word success. Regardless of whether your success is related to work, money or public relations in the broadest sense of the word.


  1. What the situation looks like at the moment?
  2. Should you change your actions to achieve success?
  3. Can you hope for the support of influential people??
  4. What efforts do you need to make to achieve success?
  5. How will your efforts affect the financial situation?
  6. How will your efforts affect your psychological state?
  7. Do you achieve recognition and prestige?
  8. The most likely outcome.


PART 2 – Moon and Stars


The questions to your subconscious in this part of the session are about the work and the project.


  1. Fear – what you are afraid subconsciously if you will not reach your goal.
  2. The inner obstacle. This is what keeps you from the goal achievement.
  3. Environment and people involved in the situation. How your environment affects the achievement of the goal and success. Whether it helps you or hinders.
  4. Sacrifice. This is what you will have to give up in order to achieve the goal.
  5. Your potential. This is what you are capable of.
  6. The ideal. What are the best circumstances for achieving this goal?
  7. The help. This is what will help you to achieve the ideal conditions.
  8. Obstacles. This is something that will not allow you to achieve the “ideal”.
  9. The key. This is what you need to keep in mind in order to achieve the goal.
  10. Result or outcome.

PART 3 – Sun: The Key To Success


Questions to the subconscious:
“What is my place in life?”
“What is the best thing to do in order to succeed in life?”
“How can you realize and fulfill yourself?”


  1. What helps in this situation? What promotes the outcome?
  2. What controls the situation.
  3. What inspires success.
  4. What can help to succeed?
  5. What do you need to keep in mind in order to succeed?
  6. What do you need to change in yourself to achieve success?
  7. Financial success that can be achieved.
  8. Social success.
  9. Emotional success.
  10. Spiritual growth.


PART 4  – Know Yourself For The Purposes


This part of working with the subconscious with the help of symbols helps to understand what goals are facing you now. Also, this part can give clues of what you will achieve in the future. From this part of the session with the subconscious, you will learn about how your past actions affected who you are now.


  1. Past goals.
  2. The past actions. The actions in the past.
  3. General characteristics of the past.
  4. Goals for now.
  5. Actions now. What are you doing now for your goal?
  6. The present situation. The general state of affairs at the moment.
  7. The influence of the past on your present.
  8. The influence of the present on your future.
  9. Possible goals in the future.
  10. Possible actions in the future.
  11. The general character of the future.


PART 5 – The Way Forward


This part of the answers from the subconscious with the help of the technique of symbols will show you the best way to achieve the goal.

Question to the subconscious: “What can I do to achieve my goal?”


  1. What you have to deal with. Favorable opportunities and risks associated with the issue.
  2. Conscious attitude and rational behavior. Your thoughts. Reasonable ideas and intentions.
  3. Unconscious attitude and emotional behavior. Desires, aspirations, hopes, and fears. What did you feel or what are you feeling about the question you have asked.
  4. External position. The impression you make on other people involved in the situation. Perhaps this is just an external, visible side of the matter.
  5. Conscious attitude. A recommendation to take a fresh look at the situation.
  6. The emotional state of mind. A warning in relation to your feelings that you are experiencing about the question asked. It may be necessary to overcome fear or increase self-confidence to achieve the goal.
  7. Recommendations. Advice how to achieve the goal. What action is best to take to succeed.





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