achieving your goals

The unique method of work of Dalia Olga. Why is she?

To effectively solve your problems and achieve your goals, Olga uses the full range of opportunities, approaches, and techniques. The methods that Dalia Olga uses in her work, open access to your subconscious and intuition. Your subconscious, that is Your Deep Mind is able to perfectly determine your calling, to find the best solution to the current problems and to indicate the shortest way to achieve the goal.

All the methods of Dalia Olga are working. These methods helped her once and continue to help achieve goals.


    • The unique technology based on the work of the subconscious with various cards and symbols.


    • Meditative therapy.


    • Meditative Technique for determining a mission “CONVERSATION WITH SUBCONSCIOUS”.



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The Way Forward spread

way 300x160 - The Way Forward spread

This part of the answers from the subconscious with the help of the technique of symbols will show you the best way to achieve the goal.

Question to the subconscious: “What can I do to achieve my goal?”

  1. What you have to deal with. Favorable opportunities and risks associated with the issue.
  2. Conscious attitude and rational behavior. Your thoughts. Reasonable ideas and intentions.
  3. Unconscious attitude and emotional behavior. Desires, aspirations, hopes, and fears. What did you feel or what are you feeling about the question you have asked.
  4. External position. The impression you make on other people involved in the situation. Perhaps this is just an external, visible side of the matter.
  5. Conscious attitude. A recommendation to take a fresh look at the situation.
  6. The emotional state of mind. A warning in relation to your feelings that you are experiencing about the question asked. It may be necessary to overcome fear or increase self-confidence to achieve the goal.
  7. Recommendations. Advice on how to achieve the goal. What action is best to take to succeed.

Price: 500 EUR


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The Mystery Of The Hero spread

mystery 300x160 - The Mystery Of The Hero spread

This part of the session with your subconscious determines your potential in achieving the goal.

  1. How much do you believe in achieving your goal? Do you have enough faith in order to achieve the goal?
  2. How clear you see your steps in achieving the goal? The effectiveness of your vision of the actions and steps necessary to achieve your goal.
  3. Do you listen to the voice of the Universe and your intuition? How much do you trust your intuition?
  4. How much are you resolute and courageous to overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal?
  5. Negative beliefs and fears at the subconscious level that must be overcome in order to achieve the goal.
  6. What kind of good work needs to be done or how to relate to the surrounding people, so that the Universe helps you achieve this goal.
  7. Skeptics or those who are against. How will they stop you from reaching the goal?
  8. Allies or those who are on your side and will help. How can they help you?
  9. Challenges, Tests, and difficulties, that need to be overcome.
  10. The highest, most difficult test or challenge.
  11. The best thing you can achieve on the way to your goal. Reward.
  12. What signs of fate or opportunity it is important not to miss to achieve the goal.

Price: 500 EUR


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Alchemist spread

alchemist 300x160 - Alchemist spread

  1. Did you really define your goal? Do you have a clear definition of your goal?
  2. What are the prospects for achieving your goal? What is the probability that you have the courage to go all the way to achieve your goal and not leave ahead of time from a distance?
  3. Interaction with the Universe. The help of the Universe in achieving your goal. Sending signs and symbols from the Universe: who or what will help you?
  4. Obstacles that need to be overcome at the beginning of the path to the goal.
  5. Obstacles that need to be overcome in the middle of the path to the goal.
  6. Obstacles that need to be overcome at the end of the path to the goal.
  7. The most difficult and the main obstacle or test. The decisive battle.
  8. Anticipated summary or advice.

Price: 500 EUR


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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

own 300x188 - Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?



Obstacles. Hurdles. Barriers. Roadblocks.



These are all common sights along the road to achievement. If you have ever worked towards a goal that most people would label as “unrealistic”, then you have undoubtedly faced one challenge after another. In fact, when you reach the point where you feel like giving up, that is usually when things get even tougher.


Believe it or not, these external obstacles are actually the easy part. They are obvious. We can examine them and devise a plan to work through them or around them. For example, if you want to start a business but lack the funding, there are a variety of tangible action steps you can take to resolve your funding issues.


The real barriers to success are the internal roadblocks. This is where it gets difficult. This is where you battle your own self-doubts, worries, and feelings of unworthiness.


You may have the best work ethic in the world. You may have the strictest discipline and self-control. But if your mind is listing all of the reasons why you shouldn’t have what you truly want, you are fighting a losing battle.


For many of us, these negative tapes have been playing the same disempowering messages in our minds for years. Continue reading →

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Millionaire Rule #9: Be An Entrepreneur


entrepreneur 300x188 - Millionaire Rule #9: Be An Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur takes a pure drive, but it can be done. You have to have the desire to succeed. A good example of the entrepreneur spirit can be found in Joe Palko and Scott Sanfilippo from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. When they became ferret owners in 1994, they soon realized there were very few pet stores that carried food or toys for ferrets. Most retail pet stores were reluctant to carry product for this group of animals that seemed to have such a small share of the market.


Joe and Scott started to serve ferret owners like themselves and worked on the business every night after work before devoting themselves to the business full time in 1999. Today, that has over 1,500 ferret products and has expanded their company to include,,,, and They continue to develop a specialty market with more supplies that are sold online for popular pets and small animals.


They certainly had the desire to succeed. Starting a business with a vision in your mind to actually making money takes relentlessness effort every day in order to move things forward. It doesn’t work well if someone else is cheering you on from the outside. That type of motivation will fade, especially when it starts to get hard running your own business. Your persistence and determination have to come from within you. Successful entrepreneurs will see progress every day and work hard to make that happen. Continue reading →

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Are Your Goals Important to You?

importantgoals 300x188 - Are Your Goals Important to You?


Are Your Goals Important to You?

Are You Spending Enough Time Working on them?


After you have created your written list of your goals and taken some time to explore it deeper and expand what you have established, you need to take the time to set priorities for them. Use a point system to rate each goal on a scale of 1-5. Items rated 1 are the most important. Items rated 5, of course, are the least. It’s okay to have more than one in each category but make sure that you are putting the ratings on carefully. Once you have completed this, you will have priorities that you can use to focus your attention on the things that matter most.


It’s simple when you think about it. Understanding what you want is the first step; making it clear what each item means to you and how you want it to be when it comes to be is next; then set them in priority order so that you know where to start with each one and what’s most important in the short and long term. You must not only state these things but also make sure that you clarify them as far as needed to where they are able to be understood clearly. Continue reading →

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