Financial Integrity Of the Company spread

financial 300x160 - Financial Integrity Of the Company spread

  1. Your market niche (brand).
  2. Using the effect of the lever. What needs to be done to achieve success and increase profits.
  3. Analysis of the firm’s ability to expand operations. How to go beyond what is possible? The advice can be obtained.
  4. Predictability of profit. The possibility of continuous income.

Price: 500 EUR


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The Renaissance Of The Brand

There was a peculiar cult about in the 1980s which, for want of a better name, could be called “brand worship”. Its core belief was that brand names had a great and immutable value that most people had failed to appreciate. The cult found some of its keenest followers in Europe, which was stuffed with fine old-name products suffering a similar fate as its fine old-name aristocrats.

brand 300x188 - The Renaissance  Of The Brand


Hidden Assets

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