Concept Of Activity spread

concept 300x160 - Concept Of Activity spread

  1. Who are you in business?
  2. The type of your activity.
  3. Ways to implement your activities.
  4. The people you serve, or whom you are targeting. Who specifically focuses on your products or activities. Identify your niche.
  5. The advantage that your clients or customers get.

Price: 500 EUR


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Growing Pains For The New Economy


painsneweconomy 300x188 - Growing Pains For The New Economy


If the internet revolution was slow off the blocks, by the end of the 20th century it had reached a headlong sprint. At the beginning of 2000, there were over 1 billion pages on the World Wide Web. Internet millionaires were being made by the minute, and any would-be entrepreneur with half an idea was welcome to join the party.

The e-commerce boom had begun, and venture capitalists were falling over themselves to provide the finance. The airwaves crackled with advertising for dotcoms, and advertisements on billboards, buses and in the broadsheets were reinforcing the messages. Technology stocks soared on Wall Street, and adland rubbed its hands together as the money rolled in. Amazon’s value peaked at $39.4 billion and Yahoo!, the world’s biggest portal, reached a dizzying $125 billion. Elsewhere, a rash of new entrains replaced some of the traditional bricks-and-mortar bluechip occupants of the UK’s FTSE 100 index.

In the UK, with its narrow choice of mass communication channels, media owners found that competition for limited airtime and outdoor space meant they could sell to the highest bidder. There was even talk of secret higher rates being offered to the more gullible dotcoms. The cost proved unsustainable, and investors either wised up or lost their nerve.

The skeptics were slow to find their voices, but tales of bad management, naive business plans, overstaffing and massive overspending gradually began to filter through.  Suddenly, those previously hailed as heroes of the new economy were being viewed with suspicion by the markets. Continue reading →

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New Business: SESSION 2


Includes five parts.

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 2




PART 1 – Perspectives Of The Company


  1. The root of the problem. The general condition of the company. Whether the company is growing or is fading.
  2. Seeds. What activities were taken to develop the company?
  3. Earth. How the company will develop. Will there be new orders/clients or an increase in profit?
  4. Wilting leaves. Something that will not grow with the company. Negative aspects.
  5. Fresh leaves. Positive aspects of the company’s development.
  6. Fruit. The general atmosphere of the company. How the development of the company will affect the growth of revenues, the increase in the number of customers and orders.
  7. Further growth. Your potential.
  8. Mother Nature. Environment: colleagues, partners, clients, working conditions, workplace …
  9. How promising is your company? How long will it exist?
  10. Water is a life-giving force. Long-term perspective and viability of the company.

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