Positive Power


positive 300x188 - Positive Power


We live in a world where we often feel out of control. We stress about news stories that we can’t change, relationships we can’t salvage and other more personal issues as well.


There is one thing we CAN control through ‐ how we think. We have full control over how we react to the trials and tribulations of our life. We can view every setback as another failure piling up, or we can view our setbacks as lessons on the way to success.


If you are interested in learning how to think positively, then check out the 7 critical steps in this guide.


In all honesty, successful people have often cut out everything but reaching their business/monetary goals for a time, but later included other areas like a social life and family so that they could live full, satisfying lives.


In next articles, I will show you seven critical steps to being successful, not just with making money but with your life. Many of the qualities you need to be financially successful are the same ones you need to live a more fulfilling life. Continue reading →

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Purpose = Freedom

purpose id freedom 300x188 - Purpose = Freedom
It’s fair to say that if you don’t know your purpose in
life, you won’t be spending much time working on it. So
what will you end up doing with your working time instead?
Three things: 1) Working on your needs, 2) Working on other
people needs, 3) Working on other people’s purposes.
If you don’t know your purpose, the limit of the work you do
for yourself will be stuck at the level of need, which at
best has the potential to grow into greed. Not particularly
fulfilling spending your whole working life this way… Try it
yourself for a few decades if you don’t believe me, and then
look at the passionless shell that stares back at you from
your mirror.
As you work with/for other people, most likely you’ll be
putting lots of effort into satisfying other people’s needs
and greeds: your boss, your customers, your company’s
investors, etc. Even in your free time, you’ll be working to
fulfill the desires of advertisers who want you to watch TV
and buy stuff. Again, not particularly satisfying, although
you may be thrown a few bones by your benefactors, such as
the “gift” of working on some interesting projects. This
kind of life will ultimately make you want to stand up and
shout, “What exactly is the point of all of this?” But if
you actually do that, you’ll only get blank stares in
return. There is no point.
Now if you’re very lucky, you may get the chance to work for
someone or some organization which is itself focused on
achieving a conscious purpose. However, there’s no telling
what that purpose might be. If you don’t know your own
purpose, you can’t consciously choose to work for someone
whose purpose aligns with yours except by accident or
chance, and the odds of alignment are low. So there’s a good
chance you’ll be working hard to achieve a purpose you don’t
agree with. For example, if you join the military, you may
be put to use to achieve some big purpose, but what exactly
will it be? Most likely, in such situations, you’ll be given
a purpose to achieve that isn’t what you’d choose
consciously for yourself. Fulfilling to spend your whole
life this way? Not likely, but it’s at least a decent path
for people who don’t like to think much — others will take
care of all the thinking for you (and benefit greatly from
all your thoughtless doing).

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Intentions are Your Way of Reaching Your Goals

intentions 300x188 - Intentions are Your Way of Reaching Your Goals


The concept of intentions refers to what one is actively planning to do when they set forth their goals. This is how you plan to make the goals that you have created, the things that you have imagined, come to pass. If you say that your intention is to take a vacation next month, then you have started down the road to making that happen by stating it in a way that has a meaning.


You may or may not be aware of your intentions when you get out of bed in the morning, but you have them nonetheless. When you are aware of them, then they are deliberate intentions. If you are not, then they are casual intentions. Casual intentions are sort of like having your intentions on autopilot. If they come to pass, then they do, but if not, then you may find yourself not getting the results that you want.


In the context that we are talking about, the context of deliberate intentions, you make the conscious effort to put forth a time and work in order to fulfill the results that you want to have. An example of this is to get out of bed and immediately put forth the thought pattern of making the goals that you have set become reality. This is a deliberate intention. In this case, you are making the choice to put forth the effort that you have to put forth to make it happen. That is what makes this a deliberate intention versus a casual intention. Continue reading →

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Find Your Calling: SESSION I


Includes five parts

find your calling 300x160 - Find Your Calling: SESSION I

PART 1 – Business Ability

This part of the work with the subconsciousness is designed to consider the business predisposition of a person, the branches of activity in which he or she can realize himself or herself in the best possible way.

  1. Hidden talents and abilities.
  2. Psychological features.
  3. Where is the success waiting for you? In what field will you be successful?
  4. With what your success will be connected.
  5. What will help you in this?
  6. How much will you be successful and fulfillment in this field?

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Success & Goal Achievement Program SESSION II


success 1 300x160 - Success & Goal Achievement Program SESSION II

PART 1 – Dragon


This session with your subconscious mind serves to analyze various issues what you are interested in. It can be getting fame, recognition, growing prestige. In a word success. Regardless of whether your success is related to work, money or public relations in the broadest sense of the word.


  1. What the situation looks like at the moment?
  2. Should you change your actions to achieve success?
  3. Can you hope for the support of influential people??
  4. What efforts do you need to make to achieve success?
  5. How will your efforts affect the financial situation?
  6. How will your efforts affect your psychological state?
  7. Do you achieve recognition and prestige?
  8. The most likely outcome.

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