Your Attitude Create A Huge Different

attitude 300x188 - Your Attitude Create A Huge Different


There was a person sent to file a report to a local cutter of stone. When he got there he noticed that there were three different men that seemed to all be engaging in the same task. This task was none other than the hammering of stones. The Person asked the first gentleman how he felt about his job. The man responded that he disliked the job as he was not making enough to do more than pay for the basics. The complained that he was doing the same task all day over and over. His back always hurt and he was not getting any younger. The man finished saying that he had no sense of why he was doing what he was. Continue reading →

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The Power of Imagination


imagination 300x188 - The Power of Imagination



Did you know that you have a magic power? Imagination is the most powerful tool that you have in your toolkit when it comes to getting the life that you want. Your imagination is a powerful part of your consciousness. It allows you to transform your life in ways that you could never imagine. If you are feeling down, then you could imagine sitting in a lush, grassy field in the middle of spring with the warm wind brushing your skin and the sun shining down on your face. This could be just the thing that you need to lighten your mood. You can imagine anything that you want, and in your mind, you can make it real.

This is key to putting your positive thoughts into action toward manifesting the life that you want.


So how can your imagination help you to manifest the life that you want? Your imagination can help you to create new products, start a business, think up strategies, and most of all, create the goals and desires that you want to have fulfilled to have the life that you want. Of course, the best thing about your imagination is that once you have imagined something, it becomes a part of your memory. The combination of your memory and your imagination can be wondrous. Together, these two parts of your consciousness can work to create a virtual world that has no rules, no boundaries, and no restrictions.

Once you have granted yourself full access to this world, you can start to build your new life there, and then move the things that you want to the real world as you go through the steps needed to make them happen.


You can also use your imagination to help you remember the things that you normally would not be able to remember. There is something magical about imagining something that helps to ingrain it into your memory in an indelible way. Let’s take a moment to look at an example. For now, just read what is here. We will work with it more in a bit: Continue reading →

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