So What Exactly is the Law of Attraction?



attractionlaw 300x188 - So What Exactly is the Law of Attraction?


The law of attraction is a concept that the circumstances and events that are a part of your life tend to reflect very heavily on the thoughts and beliefs that one tends to have on a regular occasion. In order to understand this concept in its full, you need to understand that every thought that you have has an energy pattern that is known as a vibrational pattern. This pattern can and often does resonate very strongly with events and objects that may already be in existence or that are in the process of coming into existence at the time.


One example of this concept is revolving around the uncomfortable topic of taxes. If you have the thought that these are an unneeded part of life, or if you feel that the only result that comes from this is financial worry and problems, then this will cause distress. The way that this comes to be is that the thoughts you expel on the topic will result in issues that are quite uncomfortable for you to deal with when this topic is mentioned. This can happen most times when the very topic of this is casually brought up while talking to a friend or family member. Continue reading →

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