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This part of the consultation for those cases where you feel a huge potential. When you want self-fulfilling, but do not know how to do it.

  1. Do you really need to try something change right now in your life?
  2. How will your actions be reflected in real life?
  3. Will you be satisfied with the result of your actions?
  4. What will happen if you act independently (if you will do everything by yourself)?
  5. What will happen if you seek helpers or partners?
  6. Will your actions bring a quick result?
  7. Will your actions bring you recognition and fame?
  8. The result or outcome of your actions.

Price: 500 EUR


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Purpose = Freedom

purpose is freedom
It’s fair to say that if you don’t know your purpose in
life, you won’t be spending much time working on it. So
what will you end up doing with your working time instead?
Three things: 1) Working on your needs, 2) Working on other
people needs, 3) Working on other people’s purposes.
If you don’t know your purpose, the limit of the work you do
for yourself will be stuck at the level of need, which at
best has the potential to grow into greed. Not particularly
fulfilling spending your whole working life this way… Try it
yourself for a few decades if you don’t believe me, and then
look at the passionless shell that stares back at you from
your mirror.
As you work with/for other people, most likely you’ll be
putting lots of effort into satisfying other people’s needs
and greeds: your boss, your customers, your company’s
investors, etc. Even in your free time, you’ll be working to
fulfill the desires of advertisers who want you to watch TV
and buy stuff. Again, not particularly satisfying, although
you may be thrown a few bones by your benefactors, such as
the “gift” of working on some interesting projects. This
kind of life will ultimately make you want to stand up and
shout, “What exactly is the point of all of this?” But if
you actually do that, you’ll only get blank stares in
return. There is no point.
Now if you’re very lucky, you may get the chance to work for
someone or some organization which is itself focused on
achieving a conscious purpose. However, there’s no telling
what that purpose might be. If you don’t know your own
purpose, you can’t consciously choose to work for someone
whose purpose aligns with yours except by accident or
chance, and the odds of alignment are low. So there’s a good
chance you’ll be working hard to achieve a purpose you don’t
agree with. For example, if you join the military, you may
be put to use to achieve some big purpose, but what exactly
will it be? Most likely, in such situations, you’ll be given
a purpose to achieve that isn’t what you’d choose
consciously for yourself. Fulfilling to spend your whole
life this way? Not likely, but it’s at least a decent path
for people who don’t like to think much — others will take
care of all the thinking for you (and benefit greatly from
all your thoughtless doing).

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Understanding the Difference between Reaction versus Action




The concept of reaction versus action is one that, oftentimes, is misunderstood. The truth of the matter is that it’s one of the simpler concepts in the idea of manifesting. When we react, we are responding to the situation that is presented to us, and therefore we are not in control. We are not in control because often, the resources that we have access to at that time are limited. This is a state of being that is not conducive to our getting what we want because the power has been taken from our hands.


Action, on the other hand, is a state of being in which we are taking control of the problems before us or of the situation that is presenting itself. This is when we have utter control of the resources that we have at our disposal and have a plan to use them to the best of our ability to get what we want out of the total situation. When we are in a state of being that is geared toward action, we have the power of choice in our hands. When we are in the state of being geared toward reaction, the power of choice has either been taken out of our hands or has been limited in our ability to utilize it to its fullest potential.



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Relationship Marketing



The higher level of customer expectations that exists today is one of the reasons behind the fashion for customer relationship management (CRM) programmes. Relationship marketing has caused a great deal of excitement within the marketing industry. The big idea is that companies put their customers at the heart of their marketing efforts, asking for and listening to their wants and needs. Product-focused marketing, which often resulted in a company contacting individuals numerous times with unrelated messages about different products, is being replaced by customer-centered systems aimed at what might be called “joined-up” communications with customers and potential customers. Huge investments are being made in customer databases that collate information on all purchasing behavior. thereby, the theory goes, relationships are created that emulate the bond that customers had with their local shopkeeper in days gone by. Continue reading →

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New Business: SESSION 2


Includes five parts.

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 2




PART 1 – Perspectives Of The Company


  1. The root of the problem. The general condition of the company. Whether the company is growing or is fading.
  2. Seeds. What activities were taken to develop the company?
  3. Earth. How the company will develop. Will there be new orders/clients or an increase in profit?
  4. Wilting leaves. Something that will not grow with the company. Negative aspects.
  5. Fresh leaves. Positive aspects of the company’s development.
  6. Fruit. The general atmosphere of the company. How the development of the company will affect the growth of revenues, the increase in the number of customers and orders.
  7. Further growth. Your potential.
  8. Mother Nature. Environment: colleagues, partners, clients, working conditions, workplace …
  9. How promising is your company? How long will it exist?
  10. Water is a life-giving force. Long-term perspective and viability of the company.

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New Business: SESSION 1


Includes five parts

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 1



PART 1 – New Business


  1. Potential possibility of the idea. It having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
  2. Obstacles.
  3. Characteristics of the initial stage.
  4. The perspective of development.
  5. Profit from the business.
  6. Likely or possible losses.

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Success & Goal Achievement – SESSION I


Includes five parts

success 1 300x160 - Success & Goal Achievement -  SESSION I

PART 1 – Achieving Goal 1


  1. This is that is very important for you at the moment. Your aim. It is your goal on a subconscious level.
  2. People, situations, and circumstances that can help achieve this goal.
  3. People, situations, and circumstances that interfere with the achievement of the goal.
  4. What is important to do to get this help.
  5. What you need to do to avoid or destroy this interference.
  6. The present situation at the moment is on the way to the goal.
  7. Bridge to the goal.

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