Riding The Wave Of Momentum

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When my friend thinks back to his high school days, one of his best memories is the time he spent in the gym playing basketball. He said: “By no means was I star but I just loved the game and thrived on the competition. One of the intramural games we used to play involved taking free throws and seeing how many you could make in a row without missing. It was the most addicting game ever. I would go home and practice and even fall asleep thinking about shooting free throws. I wanted to beat my record each time out.”


The thrill, excitement, and pressure of being on a streak are powerful. You want to see how far you can go but you also know it can end at any moment. This concept can play a huge role in our lives if we apply it at new levels. The good news is that in most cases, there is more room for error than shooting free throws.


If there is an area of your life where you are currently unhappy with your results, you can use this momentum principle to shift your direction immediately.


“Earlier this year I realized that running my business was becoming so demanding that I was spending all of my time on daily demands and investing almost no time into my own personal development. I knew this was hurting me because I thrive on feeding my mind with inspirational and business education. I decided to start a new routine of waking up at 4 am to get some quality study time in. This was way outside of my comfort zone. I felt tired for the first few days and questioned if this was really a good idea. But I tried it for a few days. A few days turned into a week. After that, I was feeling great and I wanted to keep the streak going. Before I knew it I had literally forged a new identity. I was now the dude who gets up at 4 am to get a head start on the rest of the world. I felt proud of myself. And more importantly, the extra hours I was investing into training my mind and motivating myself were paying off. My mood was better, my business was thriving and new ideas were flooding into my mind all of the time. The momentum has continued and it is still my routine to this day.”


Realize that you are one decision away from starting your own streak. Make today the day you get started, and tap into the power of momentum.




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Vision Board

visionboard 300x188 - Vision Board

Mastering the Fine Art of Manifesting


Start by knowing that you are the master of your destiny when you make the decision to live your life by your own making. Know that you have learned the skills that you need to do this. Let’s take a moment to put it all together in a simple to understand way:


First, decide what you want in life. Evaluate your goals, and align your long-term goals with your short-term goals. Only by doing this can you get the results that you desire.

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What is the Purpose of a Belief?


purpose of a belief 300x188 - What is the Purpose of a Belief?


Belief is essential in order to experience. How is this the case? Simply put, a belief is a concept; something that you assume is fact. You create the facts that you hold to be true. You know things to be the case because you know them to be facts in your heart. Another way to have a concept transform into belief is to have experiences that support the conversion. Our whole life is built around beliefs and the experiences that have converted concepts into facts and thus beliefs. Continue reading →

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Your Beliefs Create Your Experiences

experiences 300x188 - Your Beliefs Create Your Experiences

Firewalking on Charcoal


Firewalking is one of the most intense rituals one can partake in. It is often a part of weekend self-exploration courses and usually involves walking a 30-foot long path of hot chalk that is heated to over 190 degrees. Most people know immediately by putting their hand over the chalk that this is a bad idea, that by stepping on this path you will, without a doubt, burn your feet and be in excruciating misery.


Conductors of such rituals often tell their participants that they should visualize themselves walking naked across the fire path and see themselves eliminating any obstacles that get in their way. Continue reading →

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