New Economy, New Consumer

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New businesses will have failed to notice that consumers are different these days. They have become more knowledgeable, more demanding and less dependable. These changes are of great significance, but, first, it is helpful to look at the background from which they have sprung.


Advertising in its earliest form was promoted by the industrial revolution in the 18th century. As manufacturing hit its stride on both sides of the Atlantic and products rolled off assembly lines, firms needed ways to stimulate demand for the goods they were making. Mass advertising started to appear in the 19th century and took off in the 20th. The consumer society that emerged was one where products and services were clearly branded, and brands were designed to reflect appealing values in a bid to differentiate them in the mind of the average shopper. Emotive characteristics were attributed to goods: “if I buy this soap, I will be happy”. Marketers promoted a lifestyle that people were encouraged to aspire to. Advertising was in the business of selling dreams. Continue reading →

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Exploring the Source of Happiness

happyness 300x188 - Exploring the Source of Happiness


You want to be happy. I want to be happy. Every single person on this planet right now, every person who has ever lived or ever will live has the same desire: to be happy. This is one of the most basic concepts of human existence. It’s a solid and unwavering truth. Happiness is the state of being that we know from birth and is the state of being that we would all exist in all the time in a perfect world. The truth is that no one is happy all the time. We live in a world where the reality of life puts barriers in the way of our happiness on a regular basis. This reality of living keeps us from being happy, and as such, keeps us from seeing our true self.


Happiness, while a very basic desire, is not the predominate and driving force of our existence. That force is survival, and oftentimes things that can lead us to happiness are displaced by the need to do things necessary for survival. So why is this basic sense of doing what is needed to survive so important in our lives? Continue reading →

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The Force Of Your Thoughts

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What is Manifesting and How Does the Process Work?

Where does the manifestation process begin? Does it start with desire? Is it born out of wanting something? Does it stem from the inner drive to better ourselves? If you stop and take a good look around at your life, are you happy with it? Do you like the way that the interior of your home looks, the quality of your furniture, the level of comfort that you enjoy? Are you pleased with the type of car that you drive, the make, model, and year? Do you like the way that you look, your wardrobe, your health, your fitness level? All of these things have been manifested to you in one way or another. They have been brought about by you, your actions, your decisions, your method of living and being.

You may not be aware of it consciously, but you are very connected to your life and how it plays out. You have been manifesting your whole life without even knowing it.


How Could my Thoughts Have Created All of This in my Life?

The simple truth is that your thoughts did have a great influence on the way that your life has turned out until this point. Everything in your physical universe has been created, in one way or another, by your thoughts. The thoughts were the blueprints of the life that you wanted to live. When you acted on those thoughts, the blueprints became a physical form. Continue reading →

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