Millionaire Rule # 5: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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At the young age of 10, Juliath Brindak began sketching characters and developed a complementary social media platform by the time she reached sixteen years of age. Her Miss O & Friends Company is now worth over $15 million, however, Juliath makes most of her revenue from advertisements.


We can stay in our comfort zones by spending time with people who are just like us. They think like you do, agree with you and have similar viewpoints of the world.


However, spending time with people who are most like us prevents us from growing. Learning and spending time with people who are smarter than us will expand our minds in crucial areas.


With just $600, Sean Belnik started an e-tail shop with trading cards. Eventually, he added furniture and founded Having a knack for the market, Belnik is worth more than $24 million and he accomplished this all by the time he was 20 years old.


Being around those who are smarter than us helps us think differently and understand ourselves better. You become more conscious of why you are the way you are or what you do. It keeps us from believing that there is only one way of doing things or seeing things. People who are smarter than we challenge our way of thinking, what we consider to be the ‘norm,’ and our perceptions of the world.


John Koon was only 16 years old when he started an inaugural auto parts business in New York known as Extreme Performance Motorsports. He struck a deal with MTV to provide various products for their reality television shows and used that connection to team up with “Young Jeezy” for a fashion line. By that time, he was already worth $40 million and is headed to billionaire status very soon.


When you are around people who are smarter than you, you will become aware of many different perspectives, each with their own reasoning behind each viewpoint. This will challenge you to change your own perceptions when you understand someone else’s point of view, and it makes sense.


Recognize that each of us has our own individual talents, skills, and challenges. One person might be able to see the ‘big-picture’ while others can focus on the details. Having a detailed person around can help you think of all the consequences that can occur with a new idea or venture, while the ‘big-picture’ person can still think ‘big’ without worrying about the details. Hanging around people smarter than you will help you get a clearer picture and make smart decisions.


For example, Abraham Lincoln was well known for placing people in the cabinet that thought differently from him. Some people might feel threatened by this, but he realized early on that he was often blinded in his thought processes and needed people who were stronger in areas that he found himself weak in. He was seldom-caught off- guard because he surrounded himself with smart people who had thought of all the parts and pieces of an issue.



Quick TIP: Stay stimulated and remain sharp in the business world. It can open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.



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