Victory spread

victory 300x160 - Victory spread

Action plan and development prospects.

  1. Driving forces of the process.
  2. Dark force. Hidden and unknown, but so far affecting your project or business.
  3. Bright side. Actively and openly acting force.
  4. What can bring you the victory?
  5. How is necessary to be, what features of character you need to possess in order to succeed in the chosen business and become a winner.
  6. What result can be expected?

Price: 500 EUR


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New Business: SESSION 1


Includes five parts

New business 300x160 - New Business: SESSION 1



PART 1 – New Business


  1. Potential possibility of the idea. It having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
  2. Obstacles.
  3. Characteristics of the initial stage.
  4. The perspective of development.
  5. Profit from the business.
  6. Likely or possible losses.

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