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This part of the session with your subconscious determines your potential in achieving the goal.

  1. How much do you believe in achieving your goal? Do you have enough faith in order to achieve the goal?
  2. How clear you see your steps in achieving the goal? The effectiveness of your vision of the actions and steps necessary to achieve your goal.
  3. Do you listen to the voice of the Universe and your intuition? How much do you trust your intuition?
  4. How much are you resolute and courageous to overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal?
  5. Negative beliefs and fears at the subconscious level that must be overcome in order to achieve the goal.
  6. What kind of good work needs to be done or how to relate to the surrounding people, so that the Universe helps you achieve this goal.
  7. Skeptics or those who are against. How will they stop you from reaching the goal?
  8. Allies or those who are on your side and will help. How can they help you?
  9. Challenges, Tests, and difficulties, that need to be overcome.
  10. The highest, most difficult test or challenge.
  11. The best thing you can achieve on the way to your goal. Reward.
  12. What signs of fate or opportunity it is important not to miss to achieve the goal.

Price: 500 EUR


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