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This part of the answers from the subconscious with the help of the technique of symbols will show you the best way to achieve the goal.

Question to the subconscious: “What can I do to achieve my goal?”

  1. What you have to deal with. Favorable opportunities and risks associated with the issue.
  2. Conscious attitude and rational behavior. Your thoughts. Reasonable ideas and intentions.
  3. Unconscious attitude and emotional behavior. Desires, aspirations, hopes, and fears. What did you feel or what are you feeling about the question you have asked.
  4. External position. The impression you make on other people involved in the situation. Perhaps this is just an external, visible side of the matter.
  5. Conscious attitude. A recommendation to take a fresh look at the situation.
  6. The emotional state of mind. A warning in relation to your feelings that you are experiencing about the question asked. It may be necessary to overcome fear or increase self-confidence to achieve the goal.
  7. Recommendations. Advice on how to achieve the goal. What action is best to take to succeed.

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