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This part of the consultation shows the opportunities that you have now to achieve your goal. How can you evaluate your actions so far? Advice – how you should act to achieve the goal.

  1. The key to the matter. What you can achieve.
  2. A conscious motive, rational behavior. This is how you imagine your business, what you think about it.
  3. Unconscious motive, emotional behavior. Desires, intentions, hopes, and fears. Your feelings. And how all these factors affect the situation.
  4. What impression do your actions have on others? How the environment (customers, partners, colleagues or relatives) perceive your actions.
  5. What impression do you need to make on others? What should you show to them for the achieving a goal or result?
  6. Unconscious motive.
  7. A conscious motive. What should be guided to achieve the goal?

Price: 500 EUR


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