purpose of a belief 300x188 - What is the Purpose of a Belief?


Belief is essential in order to experience. How is this the case? Simply put, a belief is a concept; something that you assume is fact. You create the facts that you hold to be true. You know things to be the case because you know them to be facts in your heart. Another way to have a concept transform into belief is to have experiences that support the conversion. Our whole life is built around beliefs and the experiences that have converted concepts into facts and thus beliefs.


There are only two ways that you can live your life. The first way is to observe the world around you and build a belief that is constructed on what you see with your eyes and experience day by day to be fact.


This is the most common way that we form concepts into beliefs. It’s the way that our beliefs were formed in school when we have presented facts and shown them to be true. We learned that the laws of nature were solid, and thus they became our beliefs. For most of our lives, we exist under this type of belief construct system.


The second way that we form our beliefs is the exact opposite. You decide what it is that you want to believe, and then you go out in search of the evidence that you need to support that belief and eventually convert it into fact. There are times when you simply believe something so strongly that it becomes ingrained in you, that it becomes fact simply because it was believed. It may only be the fact for you in your own life, but that’s not what is important.

What matters is that you have converted the concept into fact and thus solidified the belief.


There are Benefits to Thinking This Way…

Among the first things that you have to do if you are to have a better life is to understand that at the basic core, at the foundation of everything, YOU are responsible for what is happening in your life. You have created, in one way or another, the existence that you have. You may not have done this consciously, but there is no denying the simple truth that you are the creator of the life that you live, and if you want it to change, then you have to make the change for yourself. This is one of the central principles of manifesting; YOU HAVE TO CREATE THE REALITY THAT YOU WANT, FIRST IN YOUR MIND, AND THEN IN YOUR WORLD.

One of the most wondrous things that manifesting can teach you is that you can change the beliefs that you have, no matter how deeply rooted, by simply changing the way that you see them. This, in turn, will lead to the change of your reality because the facts that you believe, the concepts that you hold in your heart and mind have changed. When you become the master of your mind, the controller of your belief systems, then you have gained the ability to achieve and have anything that you want in your life. This is a powerful tool; perhaps the most powerful tool that you will use in your manifesting endeavors. At the forefront thought, you have to accept that ultimately, the life that you have is one that you have created, whether you like it or not. You have to, at some point, accept it.


Believing forms a unique form of consciousness, a specific energy pattern that can serve as a blueprint for the things that we want to create in our lives and the experiences that we want to have. At the core, it comes down to the fact that it is always up to you what happens in your life. You always have a choice to make in everything that happens in your life, from the time you wake up in the morning until the time that you go to sleep at night. Every moment of your life is a conscious choice on one level or another, and when you make it, you add another line to the blueprint that will affect how your total outcome looks.





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