attitude 300x188 - Your Attitude Create A Huge Different


There was a person sent to file a report to a local cutter of stone. When he got there he noticed that there were three different men that seemed to all be engaging in the same task. This task was none other than the hammering of stones. The Person asked the first gentleman how he felt about his job. The man responded that he disliked the job as he was not making enough to do more than pay for the basics. The complained that he was doing the same task all day over and over. His back always hurt and he was not getting any younger. The man finished saying that he had no sense of why he was doing what he was.


The second man that responded said that deep down the work was not all that bad. He had a good home and a car that got him around where he needed to go. He had a family that he loved but did not feel fulfilled in what he was doing for a living.


The last man was quick to respond that he loved his job and was thrilled. He was thankful for every day that he was able to be at work. He thought that his work he did was great as he saw that later down the road, they would all be used to build a beautiful building that would be part of the city. People would see his work every time they went into the building. He went on to respond that he could not see any other job that he would love to do as much as this one. He said he felt blessed each and every day he was at work.


The thing to pull from this example is not the work that was being done that made the difference, but the type of mentality that the person had. These peoples mindset can and often does have an impact on their lives as well as those that are around them on a regular basis.


Deep down it comes to the concept of looking at the glass that is half empty. The way that your attitude is pointed will have an impact on your life. If you are of the mindset that you are deserved of something, then your mindset will leave you quite disappointed. You will have a lot of anger in your life as the reality of life will hit you that nothing in life is ever free.


The way that you see who and what you are will have a very large impact on the life that you live. Your attitude will make all of the difference in the world as to who you will be. Humility is a wonderful trait to possess, be aware of the things you do have in life as opposed to those that you don’t have.

Head out into the world and just pick a flower to admire its beauty watch the way the flower reacts and feel all of the energy and grace that it has to offer this world.





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