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Firewalking on Charcoal


Firewalking is one of the most intense rituals one can partake in. It is often a part of weekend self-exploration courses and usually involves walking a 30-foot long path of hot chalk that is heated to over 190 degrees. Most people know immediately by putting their hand over the chalk that this is a bad idea, that by stepping on this path you will, without a doubt, burn your feet and be in excruciating misery.


Conductors of such rituals often tell their participants that they should visualize themselves walking naked across the fire path and see themselves eliminating any obstacles that get in their way.


One may start this process with the intention of doing what they were told and visualizing the walk over the hot chalk, but they may find themselves visualizing walking over lava fields and bursting into flames as they step. In this case, it may take several attempts to get your mind to see what you want it to see. Once you do this, however, you are in the first stages of succeeding with the firewalk. Once you are able to see yourself walking over the hot chalk without burning your feet, you are in a position to take that real life step onto the path and accomplish the seemingly impossible.


It may take more than once successful mental walk-through before you are comfortable in taking the real walk, but once you are ready, you are in a position to step onto the chalk and walk to the end. Most of the time, you may even find yourself daring enough to walk back. You will find, at the end, that there are no burns. Not everyone is able to do this; some may not finish their walk, and some may indeed get very severe burns, but those who are able to feel the energy of the fire in their feet and channel it through their minds to take control of it will find that this is as easy as walking on the warm sands of a sunny beach.


This is the power of visualization. This is how you can control the world around you and your interaction with it by merely using the power of your mind to control your reality.



Your Beliefs Create Your Experiences


Your beliefs are just concepts that have deeply taken root in your mind. We make up these beliefs in order to understand what it is that we hold dear in a simple way. The ability to believe something is another one of the great abilities of your consciousness. This has nothing to do with the concept of religious beliefs. This is a personal belief that you use to guide your own personal decisions based on the values and ideas that you hold most precious to you.


Belief is built into your consciousness at the most basic level. It is among the most powerful tools that you possess in your toolkit of manifestation. It is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to make your imagination a reality. Beliefs are, without a doubt, powerful, but they are so powerful that when properly formulated, they can shift consciousness from being hindered by negative concepts to being empowered by positive images and the concept of success.

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